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Printable Sign Language Charts for Free


There are some ways to get free printable sign language charts for common words that you may want to check out. While you can go out and buy these, there is generally no need to do so, since you will have plenty of options for finding them at no charge. In this article, we will explore the places you can look to find these without having to spend a penny to get them. Here are just a few of the places you may want to check out to begin learning.

Printable Sign Language Charts Online

You have many different options to keep in mind when you are looking for free printable sign language charts for common words to print out online. While you will need to use caution to ensure you don’t truly have to pay, there are some suggested places to look.

Educational Sites: You will be able to find them on many educational online sites. Just be sure you are using one that doesn’t require you to enter any form of payment, so you know it won’t cost you anything.

Image Sites: Google and Yahoo both offer image sites. On these sites you can print off the images you find. This is a good way to find free printable sign language charts for common words online, right from your home.

In Person

If you don’t have luck finding a free printable sign language chart for common words online, you may still have some good options to keep in mind locally. Here are just a few places to try out. Keep in mind that you may want to call them, rather than wasting a trip into town.

Special Needs Schools: You may be able to find a free sign language chart for common words at special needs schools. Since they may teach deaf children, they may have some posters, flashcards, or fingerspelling instructions available. It may not be printable, but it won’t cost you a dime.

Hospitals: Just like special needs schools, medical staff has to be prepared to serve deaf people medically. They may be able to help you out.

What is Fingerspelling?

It may be wise to start out with fingerspelling first. Sometimes called longhand, this method requires you to spell out each word, one letter at a time. It’s a good way to learn sign language and you can start by learning the common letters first. It may be available in printable form online free of charge.

About Flashcards

If you are serious about learning, you may want to consider flashcards to help you communicate with the deaf. This is just another option to keep in mind to help you or your child learn. You will probably be able to find these in all the same places you would fine the free printable sign language chart for common words.

Printable Sign Language Charts for Free
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