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Privacy Screen for Chain Link Fence – An Affordable Way to Create Your Own Private Oasis

If you have a chain link fence around your yard then you may feel like you are on display to your neighbours. But just how can you create your own private space without the expense of replacing the fence?

There are a few ways to get a privacy screen for your chain link fence. It all depends on the level of privacy you are looking for. If you simply want to make it harder to see through your fence, then you can use bamboo privacy fencing which simply comes in a roll and you roll it along your fence and attach it with zip ties.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

These are basically bamboo sticks that are woven together into a fence. You can use this anywhere in your yard, but it is perfect for adding a second layer to your fencing or even your deck or patio or to hide an ugly concrete wall. This is a quick and affordable way to make your fence look like a natural living fence, and you can then add greenery along the base. This does look nice on either side of the fence, but you can still see through it a bit, and it is not really wind proof. It all depends on the level of privacy you want and the look you are going for.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

Shrubberies are of course a good way to create your private space, but they can take a long time to grow, so in the meantime you have to find something that is an affordable alternative, and then plant your shrubs so that they can start growing for your eventual green fence. My parents’ house ended up with the hedge growing large and wide enough to engulf the chain link fence, which gave the hedge stability and got rid of the ugliness of chain link.

Chain Link Fence Privacy – Wind Screen

If you not only want to block unwelcomed eyes, but also wind, then you need to use something that will block the wind, you can get chain link fence slats, that you take a weekend and simply weave them through your fence and attach them at the top and bottom. These will help with some of the wind, but from personal experience I have found them not to last too many seasons. But they are a way to add some interest and colour to your yard. But these take longer to attach and are a bit more tedious.

Another great option is this Polyethylene knitted type outdoor fabric that attaches to the fence and blocks 95% of sight into your yard. This is perfect around pool areas and any areas maybe you don’t want on display. It is good looking and this one is a forest green colour.

The only thing you have to make sure and do is attach it well and make sure there are no wrinkles to get the best effect. It is weather resistant and it comes in larger rolls ready to attach through the woven eyelets, so there are no ugly grommets to deal with.

Privacy Screen for Chain Link Fence

This is actually a great way to cover a not nice looking fence as well. This product will also block out the wind if that is another issue you have in your yard especially if it is more open to the elements.

So, if you are looking for a quick fix to create your own private space, then look at a privacy screen for chain link fences and then enjoy your backyard oasis without any prying eyes.

You can also get outdoor privacy screens that are a portable way to wall off your patio area instead of your entire yard, or you can also try privacy screens for deck railings if you simply want to create a more private space on your deck or balcony.

There are affordable ways to work with what you have. You don’t need to spend huge dollars and endure months of construction to create your own private oasis, you can simply add products to what you already have and enjoy your space quicker.

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