I am sick and this is my illness. Procrastination is characterized by doing a lesser important task over a more important task or prioritizing the things that you love to do because it is fun rather than finishing something that is required to finished in a day or because you have to meet deadlines. I analyze that maybe I am doing this for the reason that I do not find it enjoyable the things I should be doing. The perfect example is my job. I am working as a Supply Analyst and this job requires a lot of thinking and common sense. Because of this, I get more stress than focusing on the job or task. I use to find outlets, where I can find enjoyment or I can refrain my mind from over thinking. One perfect example is a social network and specifically I enjoyed reblogging blogs from Tumblr. I love pictures there and a lot of people do updates of mostly my favorite artists and movies, etc. I am happy at Tumblr. I found a nice place staying there and it seems I imprinted it as my sanctuary.

Because of that, I tend to passed by time. I became busy reblogging some pictures that I totally forget that I have deadlines. When there is enough time, I do not care to render over time as long as I can finish the work or reports I have to finish, but if the time is not enough, I know I will continue working on reports on the other day and surely, that day will be my stressful times. I am having a hard time dealing with this kind of illness. I find the things I need to do not funny anymore and the things that makes me happy are mostly do not give me any earnings. I do not have to choose since I choose to work to earn, but sometimes I give up and procrastinate. Maybe it seems it is just a simple problem, but when you over do it, it becomes addicting and for sure you are giving yourself a big headache. I am willing to help myself though. I know I can still have chances to avoid this kind of problem. I do read self help books and ebooks, even blogs. I list all the things I have to do just to solve it and I try to do it once in a while until I get used to it. It is just, I cannot lie to myself that I am prone to procrastinating.