Prodromal Symptoms in Schizophrenia

Prodromal schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is well defined to us as a mental disorder interspersed with abnormal behavior and mannerisms. Prodromal stage is the condition where schizophrenia ha snot develop completely. So it can be said that disorders are categorized as being in its prenatal stage. This a stage where one can neither say he is seriously ill nor perfectly fine.

Prodromal schizophrenia normally comes after the teenage stage. Then the symptoms continue to increase and normal functioning is disrupted. In this stage symptom like anxiety, stress, the feeling of being left out; being tentative about the choices in daily situations and facing troubles sustaining attention and concentration are generally found. In children ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is seen. So to recognize the disease we need to know about the about the substrata of the prodromal symptoms.

Prodromal Symptoms in Schizophrenia

We can classify the prodromal schizophrenia symptoms in 3 phases.

The first stage is Attenuated Positive Symptom Syndrome (APSS) where the patient becomes scary and often poses abstract and negative thoughts. As a result the communication and thought presses are also face problems. And the situation becomes worse over time.
The next stage is Brief Intermittent Psychotic Syndrome (BIPS). And under this stage development of hallucinations takes place, which indicate the worseness of the condition as time passes.
And the last stage is called genetic risk plus functional deterioration. Here complete deterioration of social behaviors is observed.

Abstract and Uncanny Thoughts

This is one manifestation that carries on even after schizophrenia has absolutely designed. An personal may consider ideas that may not be recognized as realistic and genuine in characteristics. One may begin to have unusual, sometimes terrifying thoughts; a indication of psychotic conduct. There may be ideas that are instructed towards your self picture where one may have a sensation that he or she is the selected one or the unique one. One may also declare that they are efficient in examining the thoughts and actions of an personal and estimate the long run by creating eye get in touch with. One may also become overtly dubious about his or her family members. A sensation of being spied and traced on comes to thoughts.


It’s a schizophrenic symptom where a person facing the problem of visual and auditory delusion. Here people can see unnatural things which actually have no existence. Both visual and sensory illusion can be found in this symptom. So many conditions are there which are fabricated by illusion.

Social Withdrawal

The capacity of interaction and social extraction of an individual get reduced. A feeling of disorientation and isolation from the society is generated in persons. He becomes inattentive and unable to follow the instructions told to him. He becomes uninterested about those activities which once gave him enjoyment. His work efficiency and concentrations in his work field also reduce and thereby his presentation and self respect get affected.

This was a brief discussion about the basic prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia. People must consult with doctors if any one of these symptoms is observed in their behavior, and should follow prescribed treatment and therapy.