Product Review: Best Thermal Spa Nail Dryers: Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer and Others

Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer, retails for $54.19. The designer puts a big focus on maximizing UV reflection and making it spacious enough to have the capability of accommodating two hands or feet at the same time. For ease and convenience in using the dryer, the manufacturer has built it with 3 settings which are the Constant and Auto-off function which breaks for 2 or 3 minutes. The dryer works fast enough because it has a high power capacity of 45 watts. Thermal spa professional u/v light gel dryer results in excellent manicures. The high power capacity is 45 watts, high enough to reduces the length of time it takes u/v top coat and gel applications to dry up. The machine will last long because it has been constructed from of heavy-duty steel. The design is not only sturdy, it is also visually pleasing.

Thermal Spa Gel UV Light Nail Dryer / Double Hands or Feet, is sold for $57.50. You will find it very efficient in carrying out its works due to the variety of features that the manufacturer incorporated into it during its manufacture. For quick drying it has a high power capacity of 45 Watts. The machine has 3 individual bulbs each power rated 18W. It will be a convenient process when using the product since you are able to select from the two different timer settings of 2 & 3 minutes. You can dry two feet or hands simultaneously.

Thermal Spa Automatic Gel UV Light Nail Dryer Par416 Single sells for $49.70. This machine has been built with several features that enable it to carry out the specified functions correctly. It has an automatic Timer that can take 2, 3, or 5 Minutes. The capacity of this machine will allow to dry just a single hand or Foot, and it has an high power rating of 36watts which reduces the time that your nails will take to get cured of the UV Top Coat or any other Gel Applications. The bottom reflection design ensures that there is maximum UV distribution. The nail dryer is meant for use in the salon and it reduces the time that customers will have to wait for their nails to dry.

Mastex PAR416 UV Auto Gel Light Nail Dryer, is sold for $60.00. For effective carrying out of its duties it has got various features such as a large capacity that is able to comfortably accommodate either two feet or hands simultaneously and a high power capacity of 45 watts which enables the nails to drying of the nails thus saving the time people will take in salons. You will be able to practice maximum hygiene since the bottom is easily removable for cleaning. This nail dryer has a constant power ON setting which overall will allow for an undisturbed service.

Professional handy UV Gel curing light Nail Art Dryer is suitable for both Nail Salon and Home uses, easy to operate, and is sold out for a retail price of $28.99.The manufacturer built it with special features which have made if famous in effective service delivery. It has a highly efficient PL UVA Lamp which allows a faster, safer and odorless curing, and the machine is small in size with a unique and excellent design that makes it unique in its own rite. It is very easy to use and it is a great option for those who like a smaller model.

THERMAL SPA UV Single Hand Auto Gel Lamp 36 Watt (Model: PAR418), sold for $60. THERMAL SPA UV Single Hand Auto Gel Lamp 36 Watt (Model: PAR418) allows your nails to dry up in an easy manner and has all the features of the above featured models.