Product Review: Woolrich Arctic Parka DF

Designed and constructed in Canada, this attire is of the slim DF model, the combination of a wide range of materials in making up the attire has made it so popular among many people, the components that make it up include; 100% Real coyote fur (Removable), 80% Goose down, 20% Feather60% Cotton, 40% Polyamid Shell. This product is presented you in a special way because their producer by name WoolrichÕs is celebrating its 180th anniversary which is of course historical, you will realize that it is exclusive attire. The special Arctic Parka’s origin is traced back to the year 1972 where it was constructed with the ambition of shielding the Alaskan oil pipeline workers from the extreme weather conditions which could freeze them in case there wasn’t adequate measures to protect them from the extremely low level of temperatures which they were experiencing at that time, later in the century the designers revisited the model and came out with a much better attire which is this Arctic Parka DF model.

The new version of the model has been designed with an emphasis that in the modern era weather and attractiveness are the basic elements to be considered when designing an attire, the model has little padding, coyote fur that can be detached and snap buttons which are meant to fasten the pockets of the attire while adding up to the overall beauty of the attire, the main function of the pockets is of course to keep the hands of the wearer warm when its cold. All the advancement have helped to upgrade the earlier form of this attire since they have been focused on reducing the undesirable features of the earlier one and replacing them with better ones. The attire reflects the true urban life in that it combines a fashionable look with shielding against poor weather conditions.

Woolrich Arctic Parka DF,is sold for $649.99

The attire is presented in a black faded color; it allows for easy cleaning and has been proven to be the most liked color by many wearers. However, it is also available in blue and beige. In order to enable many people buy this attire it has been made more affordable though the reduction of its price from $990 down to $649.99, this has allowed many people to buy the Woolrich Arctic Parka DF, the attire is an essential one for the cold weather conditions that is common in the Arctic region, you will find it as being the best attire for you in that its designed with an aim of fulfilling both the fashion and shelter functions, in terms of fashion it has been attractively constructed and comes in a variety of sizes to fit all sizes of people while in terms of shelter the manufacturer has constructed it out of strong and weather proof materials that will shelter all people from the adverse weather conditions in the arctic region. It will not affect the mobility of your body since the designer has carefully joined it, you will feel all the comfort that you imagine of when you put it on, and you will be able to carry all your accessories in its large pockets.

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