Productivity Hacks for Content Marketers

Managing online content marketing is a challenging job, especially when you are doing it all by yourself, without seeking help of other professionals. You’ll need to wear many hats. Here are some tips to help enhance your productivity.

1. Track your time

productivityKeeping a record of your time helps enhancing your productivity. Employ Toggle so that at the end of the day or week you can see exactly how much time you spent for executing different projects or tasks. It offers you many easy options for keeping a record of the manner you spend your time. It has an excellent built-in timer in chrome extension and desktop version.

The best part is that even when you are away from your computer; say for a conference call, it will keep a track of that time also.

2. Discipline your Inbox

As an email marketer, you just can’t help getting prone toward emails and sign up for numerous newsletters. Try one or more of these tools to get more free time:
*UnrollMe: There are many applications that help managing your inbox but this one is a favourite of many.

*Check Here’s another helpful tool for managing your emails. It finds recommendation from Forbes, LifeHacker and Mashable. It efficiently sorts and schedules your emails. Thankfully, free trial is available, so go ahead and try.

* Still one more application for managing your inbox. It is found to be very mobile-friendly. You may also consider Sanebox, a paid application for the same purpose.

3. Organize Evernote

Use Evernote, a critical tool for content marketing. Once you get used to this tool, you’ll find it difficult to work in its absence. It is accessible from any web browser as well any device having an application. So, you can save information here from a number of devices.

You can create a folder system to contain a heap of notebooks for keeping your ideas organized. It means you make a notebook within a notebook to get an organized system that allows you to group up information conveniently.

Many Ways of Using Evernote

Once you have developed an arrangement for gathering and saving information in Evernote, you can find many ways for gainfully employing it for content marketing.

  • Research

Use Evernote as the key system for saving anything you may be researching or something that you may find useful for future use. Just click the article you find worthwhile or send an email to Evernote for storing the same in your system of notebooks for keeping the topic organized. You can also save scanned documents.

  • List of ideas/Blogs

Use it for storing ideas that you keep getting through emails or otherwise. You get an idea, but don’t have any plan of using it then and there, just send all these to a notepad already there is Evernote. Refer to this list whenever you think you could use any of those.

  • Status updates

As a content marketer you’ll have a number of ongoing projects at different stages of completion. You can have one notepad exclusively for keeping track of all that is going on. You can create one notebook for all things connected to blogging and hoard notebooks therein. The same notebook can be used for keeping record of partially written posts, list containing ideas for different posts and posts that get published.

4. Work Faster

You can work faster on learning:

  • Excel shortcuts: Online marketers are required to manage tons of data. Usually, it would mean a lot of Excel work. If this is the case with you, spend some time to learn Excel shortcuts and save considerable amount of time.
  • Photoshop shortcuts: It’s like the above tip, as Photoshop too has shortcuts.
  • Outlook or Gmail shortcuts: The more the shortcuts, the faster your working becomes. You’ll enjoy running through more than 200 emails you may be getting daily.
  • Making images sooner and better: allows you to produce good looking images quickly. On using or, you can create funny images fast. You may spice up your emails with animated gif on going to It allows you to create slideshows, animated gifs and video animations with music online easily and freely, without any registration.
  • Self control: If you are addicted to Twitter or Facebook, install SelfControl app to block any site for as long as you wish. It may be hard initially but discover life beyond these sites.
  • Delegate work: Don’t hesitate to delegate work, howsoever small it may be. Start patronizing WorkHub, Fiverr or when you have to transcribe minutes of a meeting, edit a video or compile a list of reviews posted about you by your clients on social media.
  • Use simple and free applications like Dropbox, Trello, Workflowy, Write or Die etc. Put together, all such apps help saving considerable time.

5. Remain Human

Prepare a small list of easy jobs that you can do on feeling exhausted or when you are unable to focus on the job at hand. It is not humane to keep performing at your best at all times. Take short breaks often. Leave your seat and go out to water a plant or do low energy jobs like filing, billing or queuing tweets. On indulging in simple tasks when you are unable to take up tasks, demanding your best, prepares you to tackle those better after such breaks and thus keeps your performance at its peak.

Those were but some of the ways to enhance your productivity. If you start investing a bit of your time periodically to search what’s happening around, you’ll surely discover new applications and software that helps enhancing your productivity.