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Professional Custom Web Development Service vs. DIY Website Builder: Which One is For You?


The internet has become the lifeline of businesses from almost all industries. Whether you own a large production house or a small pawn shop, the internet promises to connect you with a large number of prospective customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels. However, to tap the potential of the web, you need to have an efficient website that not only looks good, but also promises user engagement and high conversion.

Creating a website for your business

If you need a website, broadly classifying you have two options

1. Professional custom web development service
2. DIY website builders

Let us take a closer look at what these options have in store to help you select the one better suited per your needs.

Option 1: Professional custom web development

They say some things are better left to professionals, and custom website development is definitely one of those. If your business requires a powerful, feature rich website, hiring a professional web development company is the ideal way out. It would ensure that the website is created as per the specific needs of your business and the expectations of your target customer.

In addition to a refined feel and efficient performance, you can expect the following features when procuring professional custom web development service:

1. Social widgets
2. Blog integration
3. Video integration
4. Custom web apps
5. Custom menus
6. Geo-tagging

Option 2: DIY website builder

Do It Yourself website builder solutions can help if you need a really basic website with minimalistic features. Offered free by various digital services firms, these template-based solutions are extremely easy to use. In fact, you do not need to be a techie to understand their features and make the most of them. Most of the solutions available in the category offer a drag and drop environment, allowing you to choose from numerous predefined templates with ease. Moreover, you can also pay for additional templates if none of the options provided suit your business and its brand image.

Benefits of a DIY website builder:

1. Minimal to zero cost
2. Complete authority
3. Simple interface
4. Easy management
5. Various upgrade options


Although going the DIY way is a great option if you need a website with minimal features; however, for a more intricate site, it is advisable to hire a professional web development company. For instance, if you need to create a website for a start-up consultancy, you may consider creating the website using any of the free DIY website builder tools available online; however, for more intricate needs such as a website with e-commerce abilities, resorting to professional help is the way to go.

Professional Custom Web Development Service vs. DIY Website Builder: Which One is For You?

Professional Custom Web Development Service vs. DIY Website Builder: Which One is For You?
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