News Professional E-Book Conversion to Address ePUB Challenges

Professional E-Book Conversion to Address ePUB Challenges


In the publishing industry, the shift from print to e-book formats has been growing rapidly. A report released last year says that the percentage of Americans aged 16 and older who read an e-book grew from 16 percent in 2011 to 23 percent in 2013 and the readers of traditional books dropped from 72% to 67%. The figures clearly indicate that the proportion of Americans who read eBooks is growing. Traditional electronic publication (EPuB) poses a lot of challenges, which can be addressed appropriately.

Challenges in ebook Conversion

Traditional book to e-book conversion brings a lot of challenges for authors and publishers.

* Text, images, navigation and display coding, all will be checked for quality and errors.

* Some processes and source files are more susceptible to errors than others, and so it is better to code them in XML format. But XML conversion from different formats such as PDF, and Doc often produces bad results, unless the process is handled by a document conversion specialist.

* It is essential to have advanced tools for image extraction and processing.

* Human intervention is always necessary to check the completeness of the process, and to identify errors.

* Quality control is required at all stages, irrespective of what all processes are involved and the type of source file used.

Disappearance of bookshelf space in book stores has increased the demand for conversion of printed books to e-book format. Books in digital format facilitate accessibility for remote or underserved populations.

E-Book Conversion Company Addressing the Challenges

Most publishers lack in-house technology for e-publishing, and so they often seek the assistance of a professional e-book conversion company for accomplishing the task. With advanced technologies and professional support, these companies can ensure quick and affordable services. Publishers usually look for the following, when associating with a professional company for digital book conversion.

* Ability to offer a full range of editorial, composition, and conversion services

* Should remove typing errors, and unwanted merging of paragraphs

* Ability to provide high quality, cost-effective delivery to eReader devices, smartphones, and tablets

* Should help in preparing content for the appropriate eReader format

* Should merge the broken words between lines, columns and pages

Merely converting books to digital format doesn’t make the process complete. It has to be converted into a format that can be read by e-readers. The two main formats currently available in the industry are:

* ePub, which works with almost every eReader

* Mobi, which is used by Amazon’s Kindle

E-books should be made available to read with popular e-Readers such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, iPhone, Sony reader, Noble Nook, PCs and phones to increase their accessibility, popularity, and sales.

Professional E-Book Conversion to Address ePUB Challenges
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