Professional Pool Cleaning in Clearwater

A backyard pool is a fantastic investment for your family, and it can raise the property value of your home. A pool isn’t just a luxury or an entertaining activity for the family, it also requires maintenance.
While many homeowners assume they will clean and maintain the pool themselves, it can be a daunting task that takes hours out of the enjoyment of the pool each week.

Vacuum Pool Floor
Algae can grow on the bottom of the pool no matter how many chemicals are used in the water. Standing water requires a lot of chemicals and routine care to make sure it’s fit for people to swim in it. If you wish to do it yourself, you’ll need to buy a vacuum to get to the bottom of the pool and clean it thoroughly.

Walls and Steps
Scrubbing the walls and the steps of the pool don’t require a vacuum since they can be reached easily with a long handled brush for that purpose. Unfortunately, the walls and steps take up a lot of space and will require hours to complete. Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be done weekly.

Skim the Surface Debris
Leaves and bugs can land on the surface of the pool and need to be fished out with a basket or skimmer made expressly for this purpose. Many homeowners find themselves doing this every day if there are large trees in the yard.

Empty Baskets
The pool’s filters will fill with leaves and bugs if the pool isn’t skimmed regularly. Even if it’s done every night, items from kids playing will end up in the filter. They will need to be emptied or they’ll block necessary mechanisms.

Aside from keeping the surface, the walls and the floor of the pool clean, the pH levels in the water are the most important maintenance task when owning a pool. Proper chemical balance keeps the water clean for your family to enjoy without becoming ill. Too many chemicals will burn their eyes and skin while too few chemicals will allow algae to build.

Hiring a service to do pool cleaning Clearwater will ensure that the chemicals are balanced properly when they’re needed. Professionals can clean the pool regularly so that you can enjoy the pool with your family without all the maintenance work. They’ll also see any potential problems before they develop and cost thousands in repairs.