News Profile of Face Injury Specialist in Kolkata

Profile of Face Injury Specialist in Kolkata


The face injury specialist in Kolkata has to deal with all kinds of facial injuries or trauma which can result from mild to very severe posing threatening of life. The organs on the face are very delicate and hence they should be dealt carefully.

Accidents have become very evident these days and they occur almost without any prior warnings. Most of the accidents take place because the concerned person is not attentive while he is travelling on the road, or driving a car. People tend to ignore the basic traffic rules and regulations because of which they have to encounter life threatening accidents. For instance they will not put on the helmet while riding a two wheeler or put on the seat belt while driving the car. The accidents can injure or damage in part of the body depending upon the severity. However, it has been observed that the common sustainable injuries or trauma include facial injury which can prove to be extremely fatal. In a facial injury different parts of the face can get injured such as eyes, mouth, cheekbones, tongue, teeth, and nose. Even blindness can be caused by severe facial injuries.

Often you suffer from an accident there are more chances of face getting seriously injured as it mostly remains uncovered. If you are not wearing a helmet, there can be a head injury if your head gets hit by a hard object such as concrete cement of the road. Some people will have external bleeding while some may have internal bleeding which is both extremely fatal for the life. The victim needs immediate hospitalization and the face injury specialist in Kolkata should attend him as soon as possible without any further delay. The first and foremost aim of any doctor is to stop the bleeding and bring the person in a stable condition. Some common facial injuries include being hit by a piece of glass from a shattered window, hit by the steering wheel of the car in case the vehicle is hit from the opposite side, fatal fall from a certain height, sports related injuries or others.

One of the most common visible marks of any facial injury is scarring. They are actually the dried up marks of the wounds that occur on the face. The scars can also occur due to any previous surgery on the face. The scars occur to the adults as well as the children which can be utter frustrating as they might have to live with the scars for a lifetime. The children especially become an object of ridicule and are neglected by friends. Today the medical science has become highly advanced and it has introduced a number of new and modern techniques to treat different types of facial injuries or trauma. The icing on the cake is that the medical expenses have also gone down and most of these major treatments are covered under the health insurance policy.

Another common type of facial injury is none other than the facial burns. The skin of the face totally gets damaged in case the victim burns his face accidently. In such cases, the Face injury specialist in Kolkata mostly have to perform a facial reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery. The more rapidly the person receives the treatment, the better will be the results.

Profile of Face Injury Specialist in Kolkata
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