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ProForm 995 Vs 995i: Comparing the Power 995 and 995i

ProForm 995 or 995i – Which is Best for You?

This account will compare two ProForm Power treadmills — 995 Vs 995i — through providing a brief overview of both, so you can clearly establish what both units have to offer you and then go on with concluding sections to highlight their differences, allowing you to easily identify which best matches your fitness needs & preferences.

Proform Power 995 Overview

Motor & Technology

Integrated with a 3.0 CHP commercial plus motor allows you to work out for a range of training (long distance, cardio & interval) and enables the treadmill to operate up to 12 mph (through quick speed control) at a potential incline level of up to 15% — whilst actively cooling components & reducing operating noise. The 995’s extra long running deck (20′ x 60′) is established with ‘proshox elite 2 cushioning‘ that acts to reduce stress & impact on your body’s joints.

Aspects & Features

With regards to the centralized control LED panel, you are displayed with all your relevant fitness diagnostics (e.g. calories burned, distance ran, speed & heart rate) and can select from 20 specialized fitness programs. For the heart rate, you are provided with a dual grip EKG heart rate monitor. The 995 is also foldable, allowing you to free up some much needed floor space in your home.

Additional Specifications

It also comes with a coolaire workout fan to keep you as comfortable as possible whilst you’re working out. In terms of weight capacity it can accommodate a user as large as 325 lbs and offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years on components and 1 year on labor. Note: that it is also compatible with iFit (allowing you to workout on running courses using google maps and so on) & for music (e.g. a music dock for the iPod touch etc.)

Dimensions: 81′ x 37′ x 59.5′ | Weight: 185 lbs | Rating: 76% (sourced: amazon.com)

Proform Power 995i Overview

Motor & Technology

Essentially the 995i is an update so has been improved in some aspects, but remains largely the same. It still has the 3.0 Constant Horse Power motor that is integrated with the quick ‘touch of a button’ control speed (up to 12 mph) and incline levels (up to 15%). Moreover, it is still integrated with the specialized cushioning system placed under the commercial 20 inch by 60 inch tread belt (although just this is just the standard pro-shox version).

Aspects & Features

Again, it takes on exactly the same design pretty much with the dimensions & overall look being pretty identical and has the spacesaver folding aspect with ‘easy lift assist’. Although it has been stabilized to with hold a larger person — weighing up to 350 lbs — which is attributable to the 2.5 inch rear roller to reduce heat & general wear and tear from occurring. The 995i does also offer an extra 10 exercise workout programs (30 in total) through its 7′ display as well as offering you the hand grip heart rate monitors.

Additional Specifications

These extra 10 are powered through google maps as the 995i is iFit enabled (i.e the iFit module is actually built-in to the 995i) — whereby the 995i will adjust & simulate your running speed, decline & incline to the actual virtual running course itself — making your ‘fitness goals a reality’. The iFit will also allow you to track your progress (like an automatic fitness log) for you to see your progress, display a scenic route whilst you are running and is all accessible via your laptop, iPad, iPod touch etc.

Dimensions: 81′ x 37′ x 59.5′ | Weight: 190 lbs | Rating: 74% (sourced: amazon.com)

What’s the Difference Between the 995 and 995i?

Essentially they are pretty much the exact same treadmill, the only difference between the 995 and 995i is that the latter is integrated with the iFit unit, whereas with the 995 you would have to buy it separately to activate all the features above. Subtle differences come in the fact that the 995i can accommodate a larger user (up to 350 lbs as opposed to 325 lbs), and doesn’t offer the same sophisticated pro-shox elite cushioning system like the standard 995 does.

Which Treadmill Should You Buy the 995 or 995i?

The 995i is slightly more expensive than the 995 (approximately $50), given the iFit module — but it is certainly worth it as it just makes exercise that ‘bit more’ fun and engaging. Then again, if you are concerned with impact to your joints, I’d advise that you buy the 995 and then get the iFit separate due to the more advanced cushioning system integrated. Which Proform Power treadmill will you buy and why?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Proform 995 vs 995i then please make them below (& if you’ve found this account useful please be sure to give it a like or share).

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