ProForm 995c Vs 995i: Comparing the Power 995c and 995i

What’s the Difference Between the 995c and 995i?

Are you trying to work out the subtle differences between the Proform 995c and 995i? As on the face of it they are very, very similar models in terms of both looks and the practical specifications, but there are a few subtle differences to be had.

To pin-point these, we will quickly lay out a specifications layout — 995c Vs 995i — going through aspect by aspect, so you will quickly understand exactly what is the same/identical between the 995c and 995i versions of the treadmill as well as what is different — then from this you can ultimately decide which represents the best overall value for money & which best suits their fitness preferences.

Treadmill Motor & Performance

Proform 995c: 3.0 CHP Motor | 15% Incline | Speed: 0.5 – 12 mph

Proform 995i: 3.0 CHP Motor | 15% Incline | Speed: 0.5 – 12 mph

Both versions of the 995 have been fitted with the 3 horse power Mach Z commercial plus motor that is adaptable to a range of cardio workouts (interval training, high intensity speed, endurance etc.) and also acts to keep the overall unit quiet and cool. In terms of the fitness specifications, it enables you to engage a 15 point incline level up to 15% and allows you to go at a speed range up to 12 mph (both of which are interchangeable through the quick-speed controls, incrementally).

Running Belt, Space Design & Cushioning System

Proform 995c: 20′ x 60′ Belt | EasyLift Assist | ProShox Cushioning | Rollers

Proform 995i: 20′ x 60′ Belt | EasyLift Assist | ProShox Cushioning | Rollers

Both treadmills feature an extra long & wide running path belt for you to run on and is fitted with the pro-shox cushioning system (unique to ProForm) that prevents stress on your joints (knees, hips & ankles etc.) etc. Moreover, they come with 2.5′ precision rollers that ensure the treadmill is full stable & in general leads to a longer life. They are also foldable, so once you are done with the assistance of ‘easylift’ system you can fold it up to save on valuable floor space.

LCD Console System & EKG Grip

Proform 995c: 7′ BackLit Display | Music Port | 30 work out programs

Proform 995i: 7′ BackLit Display | Music Port | 30 work out programs

They both come with the sophisticated LCD console system that details all your relevant workout diagnostics (calories burned, distance, speed, heart rate etc.) with the latter coming from the EKG grips placed in the handle bars (where you just have to place your hands on for a brief moment). Moreover, you are also able to play all your music, audio-books, podcasts (via an iPod touch and the like) aloud through your console system & the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 speaker system.

With regards to the exercise workout programs on offer, 20 of them are designed for hardcore fitness calorie burning, V02 max training etc. and then the other 10 are powered via google maps that act to mimic actually running courses through adjusting your speed & incline levels — making ‘your fitness goals a reality’.

Further Information

Proform 995c: iFit Compatible | Coolaire Fan | 350 lbs

Proform 995i: iFit Enabled | Coolaire Fan | 350 lbs

Now as touched on above, this is where the difference comes in. For the treadmill to access google maps & being able to act like an online automatic fitness log (with every workout you do being recorded) & where you can access all the necessary information via a laptop or your iPod for instance, you will need an iFit unit. With the 995i, it is already integrated whereas with the 995c it has to be bought separately & then you have to wire it up — this is what explains the difference in price by about $100 or so.

Note that both the Proform treadmills have been made to hold a user of up to 350 lbs in weight.

Moreover, both are backed by the same warranty coverage program offered by ProForm, being protected for a lifetime with the frame & motor, then 3 years on parts & components and then 1 year on labor costs.

Dimensions: 81′ x 37′ x 59.5′ | Weight: 185 lbs

ProForm Power 995c Rating: from over reviews (sourced

ProForm Power 995i Rating: from over reviews (sourced

Should You Buy the Proform 995c or 995i?

If you search for the best prices on the 995c and 995i, you will find there is a difference in price of roughly $100 and with the 995i (for obvious reasons) being the more expensive model. However, this would be the model I’d advise you to go for, given that the iFit element is already installed (which can be quite a hassle to set it up and link it to the 995c model) — so you can straight away get connected & work out through virtual real life courses, making cardio that much more fun. But which treadmill will you buy — the 995c or 995i — let me know in the comments below and why?

Furthermore, if you have any queries or concerns regarding the comparison of the 995c vs 995i then please make them below (and if you’ve found this article useful please be sure to give it a like or share — it will be much appreciated).