Project Coordinator Job Description

A project coordinator job description should cover key areas of the coordinators abilities, responsibilities, and duties of which the chief ability should be a great communicator across a multitude of platforms. It should also specify the required level of education for the position. Some of these areas of responsibility are broad project categories that include coordinating different disciplines like budgeting, personnel, and environmental. These categories break down into smaller more specific components that drive the project. This document can also state how the coordinator is to work with all parties to ensure venture compliance or that the the end product is what the client wants. The job description can differ based on whether the project is an in house project that company personnel is responsible for or a project that includes contracted personnel. As a whole, the project coordinator job description is the standard operating procedure that outlines the project coordinators role and scope of power.


It should also define how and when the project coordinator reports the project status to the project manager and how they work together to make any adjustments necessary to bring the project to a successful completion. Coordinators are the go middle person between the ‘client’ and contractor/workforce. A project coordinator job description puts the project coordinator in position to make or break a project based on his or her perceived vision of the project, received from the project manager and his ability to communicate it to the workforce and bring it to fruition.


The driving force behind most if not all projects is the amount of working capital available for the project. For this reason, a project coordinators job description should outline a project coordinator’s authority to oversee every area of a job. The coordinator interfaces with departments, vendors, partners, and contractors to stay within budget by controlling cost. Guided by the project coordinator job description and project mission statement, or project contract, he/she monitors the expenditures of all departments, vendors, partners, and contractors to justify costs. This is by far the most important aspect of the project coordinator job description.

The project coordinator job description could also gives the coordinator authority to enforce penalties for cost overruns and bonuses for on time under budget performance depending on how the contract is written. His/her job description has to define how the coordinator holds each discipline financially accountable.


The coordinator should also have guidelines for communicating with the project purchasing agent in his job description. It should give him/her the responsibility to help keep the estimated cost for the project and contingencies for cost overruns in check. In addition to monitoring purchasing, he/she should also provide coordinate the purchasing and delivery schedule between effected disciplines.


Although meetings are one of the most dreaded business functions, a project coordinators job description should task the coordinator with scheduling meetings to plan, document and review project goals and to come up with plans to correct problems. It can establish the type of meetings and their purpose. The project coordinators job description allows the coordinator to use meetings as a coordinating mechanism for the project. It gives him/her an opportunity to gather big picture and specific data about the job to use to report to the project manager.



A project coordinator job description also makes the coordinator responsible for personnel involved in the project. The job description places project coordinators in the position of human resources director for the project. If a person or persons aren’t performing up to standards, a coordinator have the authority to recommend adding or removiing personnel as needed to complete the task. He/she uses the project coordinators guidelines and the project mission statement and/or project contract to assess the performance of project participants. The project coordinator job description also defines personnel management throughout the project. It makes it possible for the coordinator to have the right people in place to achieve project goals.


The project coordinator job description lays out the project coordinators responsibilities as they relate to project compliance. Each discipline has contractual obligations that the project coordinator oversees and judges based on what’s agreed on in the contract. He/she, along with the project manager, are primarily responsible for the finished project meeting the overall initial design concept and cost. The job description should say when and how the coordinator relates problems with project compliance. It should also state the possibility for penalties when disciplines are out of compliance.


The job description should also include project guidelines for compliance with environmental concerns. It should tell the coordinator how to oversee permitting and compliance with environmental laws. He/she should work with the contractor and a process department, when necessary, that produce environmental waste to ensure that the construction phase of the project and the final product, complies with environmental laws.

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