Project Management – Do you Love It?

There are pros and cons to every job. There may be aspects to a role you love and others you simply hate and vice versa. Project management is no different. However, it is more than just a job to most people who choose this particular route in life and usually it is a career that they love that gives them a lot of satisfaction. In order to be a successful project manager you have to have some sort of passion within you, otherwise you won’t be able to push through the hard times (sometimes very hard times) and lead a project to success. It is a competitive, cutthroat industry that requires passionate, confident, skilled individuals who simply love their profession.

So, what is it about project management people love so much?

While some people prefer a role that is consistent with repetitive tasks, other people like new tasks and experiences to add a bit of variety to their life. One of the greatest advantages of a role in project management is the diversity it offers. Each project is different and every day poses new challenges. Even when a project is carefully planned, unexpected events may happen that change in the course of a project in a way that you had not expected. And there is always the opportunity to meet new people, from team members to clients, senior management and donors. This provides an ever changing daily course of events that some people absolutely thrive on.

Ongoing Changes to The Field
Project management is an ever-changing role that adapts to new business models or theories and the development of software. This means that there is always the opportunity to learn new skills to adapt to the changing needs of the role. Attending project management training to keep up to date with these changes is something you are encouraged to do on a regular basis and it is a great way of meeting like-minded people and sharing your experiences. There are project management courses available that teach you everything from devising the perfect project management framework to motivating your team.

Consistent Opportunity for Career Development
There are some careers where you hit a plateau and there is no room for movement or progression. In project management there is the option of both sideways and upward progression, depending on what you want from the role and what your career aspirations are. To progress in this way, you will need to build on your experiences in the role, be confident and motivated and possibly attend project management training courses to update your skills.

The Chance to Lead
Some people are natural born leaders and only a career in a leadership role will satisfy them. This is one of the reasons people often love working in project management. It is a career ideally suited to those who enjoy organisation, planning, leadership and decision-making.
If these benefits sound appealing to you, it could be that a career in project management is the perfect career choice for you.