Projection Mobiles for Babies

Projection mobiles for babies are more popular now than ever with all the new features that are designed to keep babies entertained. We especially want baby to be entertained and relaxed at bedtime and this is exactly what projection mobiles do. Projection mobiles will also help baby learn to focus as well as engage their senses to develop auditory, visual and motor skills. So, you might say projection mobiles are educational and entertaining at the same time, which is what most parents prefer when it comes to baby toys. The baby is happy and the parent’s are happy, so it’s a win win.

Many of them come with baby room lighting features that display lights on walls and ceilings also known as projection night lights. Projection night lights are very popular, especially the Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light Cloud b. These types of lights are fascinating to babies and kids of all ages and I must admit I am fond of them as well. The lights on the projection mobile can also serve as a night light so that you don’t need to add more lighting in baby’s room.

One of the best selling projection mobiles on the market is made by Fisher Price, wouldn’t you know, and it’s the Precious Planet 2 in 1 Projection Mobile. It has 237 reviews on Amazon with a 4+ star rating, so there’s plenty of positive feedback and in depth details if you want to check it out. The primary features include: colorful animal theme design, projection lighting, nature sounds, remote control and lulluby music. What more could a baby want I ask you?

The only other projection mobile that comes close to this one is, once again, made by Fisher Price. It is the Rainforest Peek a Boo and it goes for just under $60, so it’s about $10 more and has 233 reviews with a 4 star rating.This one has more settings and a few more features to mesmerize your baby, while you relax and take a break or get some house cleaning done. Both of these projection mobiles are designed to entertain and soothe a fussy baby.