Proper Way To Charge Lead Acid Batteries For Long Life – Maintaining Proper Care Of Batteries

Having those lead batteries with you and worrying about how you could be able to definitely prolong their life? Worry no more because as long as you know how to take care of your batteries by using the proper way to charge lead acid batteries for long life, you can maximize its use for as long as you want. You would not need to spend that much on having to replace your lead acid batteries as long as you know how to use it very well. The length of life of a battery or almost any kind of object will greatly depend on how the owner will be able to use the product or object.

An Overview Of Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are devices used for electrical storage that are able to use chemical reactions known to be reversible as a means to store energy. From the name itself, it actually uses lead as its main material especially for plates and grids. An electrolyte is also used in the form of sulphuric acid that is used to convert chemical energy to electrical energy and vice versa. The name simply speaks of itself because the batteries use lead and a certain type of acid at the same time to be able to store energy efficiently.

The Different Life Cycle Stages Of Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries go through different cycles or life phases as what people call it. There are actually three stages known as the formatting, peak and the decline stage. Formatting cycle involves turning the electrolyte content of the battery to be very much usable so that its capacity for energy storage will also be increased. The peak cycle, from the name itself, simply involves the stage where there are added cycles to be able to somehow maximize the storage potential of the battery. Lastly, the decline stage is the part where the battery will somehow lack enough resources for energy storage and will slowly deteriorate upon use.

Considering the stages of the life cycle of the lead acid batteries, you must remember to be able to maintain it very well so that it would not frequently reach the stage of decline and eventually become unusable. There are certain guidelines that you have to follow in charging your lead acid batteries so that you could be able to maximize the life of you batteries. You do not need to worry when it comes to following these instructions because they are considered to be very easy and will ensure that your battery can definitely have a long life.

Ways To Properly Charge Lead Acid Batteries

The proper way to charge lead acid batteries for long life includes the right duration of time and the right voltage of energy needed for charging. Lead acid battery charging use an algorithm that can be similar to that of a lithium-ion battery when it comes to the voltage. You should make sure that the time you allow for your lead acid charging to become complete is not too much nor too less. Usually, the complete charging of a lead acid battery takes place in about 12 to 16 hours for the small to normal battery sizes and about 36 to 48 hours maximum for those large types of batteries. If you are able to use charge currents that are somehow larger, you can still be able to reduce the time of charging. You may be able to notice that the charging time may take really long but you should keep in mind that this should properly be finished so that you will be able to give your battery the electric charge that is enough for it to function. Allowing the battery to have too much or too less charge can cause damages that can contribute to the deterioration of its function thus it will last for a lesser time than expected.

You should also make sure that the voltage your charger requires will match the voltage of the energy source that you are going to use. The mismatch can definitely cause damage as well. When it comes to lead acid battery charging, patience is definitely a must because unlike any other types of battery, it usually is considered to be a slow charging battery that is why as you may have noticed, the charging hours will take really long.

Three Stages Of Charging Lead Acid Batteries

There are three stages in which you could be able to charge your lead acid batteries. First of all, there is the constant-current charge which means that most of the charge are taken in this stage and this usually involves about half or more than half of the charging hours of the lead acid battery. The next stage is known as the topping charge stage where the charging is continued at a slower rate as compared to the first stage due to a lower charge current. This stage serves as the one that gives the saturation needed for charging. Lastly, there is the float charge stage wherein loss acquired during self-discharge is somehow compensated.

More Proper Ways To Charge Lead Acid Batteries For Long Life

Also, some more of the tips that can help you achieve the proper way to charge lead acid batteries for long life include the following. You should be able to charge the batteries in a well-ventilated area so that you can easily take off the hydrogen gas being emitted during charging. If you are not able to do so, this can definitely cause explosions. Aside from this, you should also be able to prevent sulfation or total drainage of your battery that is why as long as you are done using the batteries and you see the need for charging, you should definitely charge it right away. You should never allow your batteries to be stored in low charge because this can be damaging to the entire material primarily in its sulfuric acid content. You must also keep in mind that the lead plates of the batteries should always be submerged in the electrolyte meaning you should be able to fill the lead acid batteries with water specifically the distilled and de-ionized ones or even tap water.

These are just some of the important considerations that you have to keep in mind when it comes to achieving the proper way to charge lead acid batteries for long life.