Proper Ways To Recharge lead Acid Batteries For Long Life

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Proper Ways to Recharge lead Acid Batteries for Long Life

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Not so many people know how to recharge lead acid batteries for long life and this is why you may have discovered that you are buying a new lead acid battery every now and then. This can become very costly for you and what’s burning is that in most cases the batteries often short live their original expected lifespan meaning that you could have stayed with the battery much longer than you have. The main trick in cutting down the costs of regularly getting a new lead acid battery and basically solving your problems with lead acid batteries is knowing how to properly recharge your lead acid batteries.

Time is everything

Unfortunately lead acid batteries do not recharge as quickly as we may want. A large size lead battery may take up to 48 hours to fully recharge and be ready for use. But the problem is many of us are not ready to wait this long or rather might not even know that we are supposed to live the battery recharging for so many hours. So from today henceforth, be recharging your batteries for the required hours. If it is the smaller size lead battery give it at least 15-17 hours when recharging. Allowing your lead acid battery the needed time to recharge gives it proper charge for effective functioning and a longer life generally. Also ensure that you put the right voltage as you are recharging it. A very high or very low voltage may interfere with the efficiency of your battery and its lifespan as well.

Mistakes to Avoid

First and foremost, never store your battery when its charge is low. This can quickly make it to lose its energy storing abilities forcing you to get a new battery soon. Secondly, when recharging lead acid batteries for long life, quite a number of people add tap water instead of distilled water. This is a huge mistake as tap water usually contains some chemical compounds that do not work well with the chemical components found in lead acid batteries.


Some amounts of hydrogen gas are given off during the recharging process that may spark explosions hence are detrimental. To offset this risk you are required to recharge lead acid batteries in a place that has got good ventilation so that the hydrogen is effectively gotten rid of.

Additionally after you have recharged the batteries and it’s time to return the clamps, you must remember that the negative clamp ought to be returned first then the positive clamp and not the other way round as it can cause shock.

Properly recharged lead acid batteries not only last longer but also work efficiently which is a win win situation for you. The only problem with most of us is we don’t have the patience it takes to allow the batteries the required time to fully recharge even though there’s no denying it; they really take a lot of time. Getting several batteries may however solve this problem for you so that as you are recharging some you use the others and the cycle goes on. There you have it; it’s time to recharge lead acid batteries for long life.

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