Pros and Cons of Catch and Release Fishing shows on TV

There are more and more catch and release fishing shows on TV lately. Why is the media promoting this type of torture for children to watch?

We are supposed to encourage people, especially children to avoid cruelty to animals of any sort. Yet, the media continually allows more and more extreme fishing shows on TV. I used to watch them because I personally enjoy catching fish, cooking them on the Barbecue and eating them after a day spent fishing.

Fishing rods

Techniques for catching fish

Yes, you can learn the different types of fishing rods and lures that you can use to catch that particular fish, which is interesting and helpful and enjoying to watch how they are caught.

There is so much to learn on the art of fishing. We can all benefit from information on how to catch a certain type of fish and of course learn which type of bait or lures to use. That is not my problem.

Fishing cruelty and endangering life of fish.

What I cannot stand is the way the helper on board the boat uses a grab hook to bring the large fish onto the boat deck, which is normally hooked into the flesh of the fish. Then they proceed to hold the fish out of the water while they give a description of the fish and show its beautiful colouring.

Eventually they remove the hooks and proceed to put the fish back into the water. In many cases they do not even try to hide the blood oozing from the body of the fish.

How on earth can they realistically expect that fish to survive. We all know what the smell of blood does to predators in the ocean. Therefore what chance has that fish got of living for a few more hours? Because it has been injured it would be at more risk of being eaten by another predator as it would not be able to move as fast.

At least when catching the smaller types of fish they can use a net to bring the fish on deck. That helps to prevent injury to the fish.

Limiting the catch numbers

I can understand why there is a limit on the numbers of fish allowed to be caught. Especially in fresh water areas. Limiting the catch means there will still be enough to catch next year.

Why are these shows allowed to show this cruelty on TV? And worse still there are more and more shows being produced all the time.

Media Producers

Put an end to this type of cruelty to fish, just so the fishermen can have fun is not a good enough reason. Nor is it sporting.

If you love going out fishing then by all means keep on fishing, but please cook and eat the fish you catch and do not waste this precious food resource. Take the family camping and fishing for the weekend.

Please let me know what you think about this, by leaving a comment below.

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