Pros And Cons Of LG Vs Samsung Washing Machines

A washing machine is a great, efficient and easy manner of washing all your clothes. Nowadays, most brands of electronic goods offer washing machines with a variety of different features. However, before buying a washing machine, it is always better to consider the pros and cons of each feature, so that you will be able to decide the best option for all your requirements. To get the best deal for yourself, you need to look beyond the price tags of a washing machine. You will have to decide whether a front loading or a top loading machine will suit your needs. It is a major deciding factor when you are buying washing machines.

Front loading machines
In the debate of LG Vs Samsung Washing machine, the first thing you need to know is the pros and cons of front loading washing machines. Both companies provide these energy efficient machines.
• These are much more efficient and are more water and energy efficient than the other variety.
• They do not require the entire drum to be filled with water.
• They use less detergent to wash your clothes.
• They operate much more silently and do not become unbalanced that easily.

Top loading washing machines
Another option available for you is the machines where you can load your clothes from the top.
• These machines are less expensive than the front loading varieties.
• Most brands and companies have these types of machines. Hence, you will have a larger variety of options to choose from.
• These machines make a much better choice for the elderly people and those who have trouble in bending down.
• These will not cause any kind of back problems whatsoever.
Hence, even though the front loading machines are much preferred, you can still spare a thought for the top loading variety, if your requirements meet the features.

Other factors to consider
In the debate on LG Vs Samsung Washing machine, there are many other factors to consider before you decide which washing machine to buy for yourself. For Samsung models, the dryers are extremely popular. However, you should look beyond all this to your other needs as well. The washing machine should have the maximum clothes capacity, be very durable and not get damaged too easily, also should be very water and energy efficient. These are some key factors which make for a good and easy to use washing machine. You can now decide which would suit you best.

Summary: While debating on LG Vs Samsung Washing machine, there are a few factors to consider. It is because both brands offer top loading and front loading varieties of machines.