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Pros and Cons of Purchasing Art and Paintings Online

When was the last time you went to the shopping mall to purchase clothes for yourself? When was the last time you stood in a queue outside the movie theater to book tickets? When was the last time you booked your airplane/railway tickets at the airport or railway station? Internet has made conduction of business easy. Through internet educational degrees can be earned, smooth bank transactions can be made, products like clothes, movie tickets, railway, airplane and bus tickets can be booked and so on. Internet based services are known for providing convenience to the user. Everything is made available at the desktop and conduction of business is made very easy.

The idea of online art galleries is not very new. To sell the paintings online, artists used to have their own websites where they would sell their work. But artists are people with specific skills of sets, they are not businessmen. They don’t know how to sell stuff and most of them have no idea about how to generate traffic online. This is where online art galleries help the artists. Online art galleries are virtual platforms where buyers meet the artists. Web galleries can be thought of as portals that indulge in trading of paintings through the internet. Both the buyers and sellers can benefit from web galleries equally by connecting directly with each other.


  • As mentioned earlier, internet services are known for providing comfort and ease of indulging in trade. By using a web gallery you can buy paintings online with just a few mouse clicks. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and can browse through an exhaustive database of millions of paintings in one go.
  • You can buy paintings online anytime of the day from any remote location. Traditional art galleries are open for a fixed duration of time during the day. If a person is not able to visit them due to commitment issues, he can view paintings online on web gallery.
  • Art advisories and professionals provide their suggestions and assistance in helping a layman understand art online. Traditional art galleries are very intimidating for a first time visitor. Online art galleries leave no stone upturned in provide their help in order to make sure than no person faces any kind of trouble while indulging in online trade of paintings.
  • Normally, an artist pays commissions up to 50 percent of the total costs to the traditional art gallery owners. By selling his art piece online he can be sure of cutting down on the need and costs of a middleman and bag what he deserves.
  • Online art galleries have made spotting of talent easy. Young and budding artists can gain much required global exposure and sell their works easily. They don’t have to struggle and go through the hassle of paying huge sums of money to have exhibitions dedicated to their work only.


  • The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions online payment is credit card scams. Be careful while paying for paintings online and never submit your credit card details directly to anyone. Reliable and authentic art galleries use government approved payment gateways to conduct sales.
  • Some people are still skeptic about internet services as they think physically scrutinizing the material before buying it ensures that the material is authentic and legit. Same thinking can be applied to online art galleries as well. Since we are dealing with expensive ad valuable art work, it is imperative to ask for a certificate of authentication or something in writing to prove the legitimacy of the painting purchased online.
  • Some people require a considerable amount of time to make up their minds about trying something new such as an online art gallery. Nothing can beat the experience of physically viewing a painting and soaking in its aura and beauty. People who believe in analyzing the stuff before buying do not believe in online services.

In the case of purchasing paining online, pros outweigh the cons. It is suggested to compare the pros and cons of internet shopping to verify that you won’t end with second thoughts for relinquishing the best open doors that come your way.

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