News Pros Auto: Features of BMW X6 Facelift New SUV...

Pros Auto: Features of BMW X6 Facelift New SUV 2013 Car


Pros Auto: Features of BMW X6 Facelift New SUV 2013 Car

BMW X6 facelift
2013 is a new model of BMW cars. It is sports activity coupe with strong look. We can also call it as mid-size luxury crossover and price is around 77-79 lakh. German made BMW X6 has many features and modifications from previous versions. Engine specifications as same as the previous series. Body style of BMW X6 is 5-door crossover SUV type. It also available in both petrol(4.4 liter with 400 bhp) and Diesel (3 liter with 240 bhp). It is four wheel drive SUV with 6-speed as well as 8-speed automatic transmissions are available. We can see that engine power is very high because of the uses in Racing sports. It has very low mileage. Power steering mode, high ground clearance etc are features of BMW X6 Facelift SUV.

Specifications of BMW X6 Facelift 2013

  • Price: 77-79 Lakh
  • Engine: Twin Power Turbo 8-cylinder petrol engine or straight six cylinder diesel engines (Available)
  • Displacement: 4395 cc for petrol and 2993 cc for diesel
  • Max Power: 300 KW @ 6400 rpm (Petrol) and 225 KW @ 4400 rpm (diesel)
  • Max. Torque: 600 Nm@4500 rpm (petrol) and 600 Nm @ 2500 rpm
  • Fuel System: –
  • Valves: 4 valves per cylinder
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
  • Suspension: Tubular double acting type
  • Steering: Hydraulic power steering (HPS)
  • Brakes: Disk type at both front and rear
  • Tyre: 255/50 R19
  • Ground Clearance: 212 mm
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Safety and Security: ABS, EBD, ESP, Anti-theft alarm, central locking, Immobilizer, Traction control etc

Features of BMW X6 Facelift

  • Design Features

BMW X6 is one of the powerful sports utility vehicles (SUV) which best in both performance and design. It have many features and very much suitable for people who likes speed and other activites. First we have look through the design and style of the X6 BMW car. It got very stylish look with attracting body features. Overall dimensions are 4.9 m in length, 2.2 in width and 1.7 m in height. About exterior design, it is more dynamic and versatile version of BMW specifically made for sports utility. We can also feel the sports character on off-road drives. Interior design is also good with perfect arrangements of meters and all other gadgets. It has more space, can accommodate 5 people at a time with more comfort.

  • Engine and Performance

Two types of engines are available for BMW X6 sports cars. Twin power turbo 8-cylider petrol engine and twin power straight 6-cylider diesel engine. Engines are same as previous versions of BMW cars. Powerful twin cylinder v-engines can produce high power with minimum fuel consumption. Petrol engine can produce power of 300 KW @ 6400 rpm and diesel engine has 225 KW @ 4400 rpm. Maximum torque for petrol is 600 Nm @ 4400 rpm and for diesel 600 Nm @ 2500 rpm. It also minimizes the Carbon dioxide emission with less fuel consumption. Mileage of BMW X6 SUV is around 13.33 km/l (diesel) and 8 km/l (petrol) in city and highways. Fule consumption and carbon dioxide emissions depend on wheel type and tyre size.

Pros Auto: Features of BMW X6 Facelift New SUV 2013 Car

  • Transmission and Drive Features

Transmission is 8-speed sports automatic with cruise control, dynamic performance control, hill descent control, servotronic and 4-wheel drive. 8-speed automatic transmission also helps to reduce fuel consumption and increases the efficiency of engine with less CO2 emission. Cruise control feature helps to maintain speed in straight roads and highways without pressing accelerator pedal. It reduces the stress and give relief to driver with less effort in straight roads. Dynamic performance control is new feature of BMW X6 sports cars which controls the drive train and chassis control. It helps to regulate the traction and distribution of torque effectively through the rear axles and also maintain stability of the vehicle.

Hill descent control helps to descent hills without touching the brake pedal. BMW X6 uses ABS to control each wheel speed and safely descent. Brake energy regeneration is new feature which helps to charge battery of car on breaking. During breaking process, we have loss much more energy. But in BMW X6 retries the braking energy and used to charge battery using break energy regeneration feature.

  • Safety and Comfort Features

BMW X6 sports car is also give importance to safety and comfort features. IT contains many safety features such as Anti-lock braking system, Cornering brake control, airbags, dynamic stability and traction control, electronic vehicle immobilizer and crash sensor, side impact protection, run-flat tyres with run-flat indicator, warning triangle with first aid kit etc. Anti-lock braking system or ABS controls the four wheel speed and avoids slipping and other accidents.

Pros Auto: Features of BMW X6 Facelift New SUV 2013 CarCornering brake control helps to take a quick and safe turn while cornering. Body of BMW X6 designed to protect passengers from side impact and also provides with airbags for both passenger and driver protection. It also uses good engineering materials for making high strength body parts of BMW. It also have Bluetooth connectivity, BMW apps, BMW internet browser, pack system control, HiFi system professional, navigation systems, audio channels etc.

Pros Auto: Features of BMW X6 Facelift New SUV 2013 Car
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