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Prospects of the Italian Property Market in the year 2015

2014 looks a very promising yet busier than the previous year for real estate markets in Italy. We are about to enter another promising year 2015. We can predict that the year to come will be more promising in terms of property exchange and economic growth. Number of applicants intending to buy properties around Italian lakes like Lake Como has doubled the count with their chequebooks ready. People know that now is the right time, Middle East property investors are now looking forward to Italy so that they could contribute and develop for the rising tourism in Italy.

Unlike previous years, purchases and property search aren’t restricted to first 10 weeks of the year, in fact it has extended to months and significant deals have been accomplish across Italy but the prominent place on the property markets is Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, very close to Milan and Switzerland.

Wide ranging nationalities from MENA region to Latin America have enthusiastically shown interest in hunting out a home near or on the Italian Lakes that’s spreading over to European side, Australia, the Americas, South Africa, The Middle East and Asia.

Properties offering lake views, tranquillity (away from city’s hustle bustles) and serene landscapes are sell easily at good prices, whereas, properties that are present in the middle of the city are less likely to win any deal quickly. Thus, customers often check proximity with the airport and other important networks.

Recently, the biggest evolution that the Italian property markets have seen is the magnificent growth in property buying and selling and the willingness of international buyers to move permanently to Italy. Old home or villa owners in Italy, especially in Tuscany are getting speedy at renovating old Italian interior into modern and contemporary designs. A lot of interior designers and decorators in Italy have started taking on new renovations projects claiming that they have special skillsets and techniques to set deserted homes or villas into entirely new concepts and layouts. A lot of property owner have transformed their high-end villas into resorts or guest houses, viewing the rapidly growing numbers of visitors and guests each year.

Builders and Developers:

Builders and developers that are multiplying property projects on Italian Lakes are confident that if their project fails to hit initially, they’ll sit and wait for the right time, thus they are sure shot of profitable returns. A lot of investors or sellers of houses for sale in Italy (Case in vendita in Italia) say, investment return isn’t the driving force, but wise returns and watching Italy winning hearts is what takes over. 30% growth at market rates is expected but they still want international buyers to lover their houses. Very fewer people say that they will negotiate or sell under financial constraints.

A lot of houses for sale in Tuscany have been renovated from Old Italian layouts to modern luxury villas to get the asked price. Thus, as we are entering a new year, new investor lot is expected to hit Italy for thriving property exchange and real estate development.

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