Protect themselves through food

Prevent the onset of diabetes through a lifestyle adapted, it is possible! U.S. studies have shown: “People who had a favorable diabetes followed an adapted program, including a balanced diet and exercise. Their odds of reporting diabetes fell by half,” enthuses Marc Popelier.

Monitor its power does not want to deprive say but simply make meals. Contrary to popular belief, sugar is not the first involved in the onset of diabetes. Nutritionists even claim that Western societies do not consume enough. That said, some foods such as bread or potatoes should be consumed in moderation as hyperglycemic. But what a problem it is the lipids present in large quantities. “Generally, our diet is too rich in saturated fats. They are found in everything that tastes good: meats, cheese, fatty meat, etc..”

Nutritional recommendations for people predisposed to diabetes recommendations vary so little traditional in shape.

First, there is the famous five fruits and vegetables per day. It starts to get: five servings of fruits and vegetables daily is good for the heart, arteries, for the line in the fight against cancer and many other diseases. And besides, it’s good, so why not?

Slow down on fats, including oils seasoning but also pastries, meats, cheeses and other festivities yet so palatable. It is they who are housed at the abdomen and prevent insulin from functioning normally.

Limit the consumption of simple sugars found in sodas, candy, sugar, coffee, etc..

Avoid red meat and instead eat fish twice a week. Less fat than meat, it also brings many elements essential to the proper functioning of our body.

Spread the consumption of carbohydrates (the famous quartet rice, bread, pasta, potatoes) seamlessly on all three meals of the day.

Finally, some will probably find it unfortunate, but alcohol is also limited to two drinks per day for women and three for men, for the most healthy people. Those who know they are predisposed to diabetes should further reduce or even avoided. Not for his sugar intake, contrary to popular belief (the sugar is converted into alcohol exactly) but its calorie, very high.

It is recommended for overweight people to follow in the first time regime a little more restrictive in order to lose a few pounds. This should not be done without the advice of a specialist.