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Protect Your House from Avalanche with Snow Guards

Snowfall disasters are very common and can cause tremendous mayhem and destruction. The soft snow that deposits on the rooftop solidifies into ice, which can be very slippery and if it slides on the ground below, it can cause massive damage. But you can prevent that from happening by installing defensive barriers on the rooftops like snow sheds, avalanche net, snow fence and snow guards.

In earlier days, people who lived in areas that receive heavy snowfall used indigenous methods to protect themselves from snow disasters. They used to layer the roofs of their houses with wooden logs and stones. This increased friction and also provided insulation. However, with advancements, these age old methods have now been replaced with modern day snow guards for avalanche protection.

Snow guards are mounted on the roofs of the houses and offices to act as protective barriers and prevent the ice from falling below and causing harm to property and people. These guards are installed in rows so that they can hold on to the snow till it melts completely or falls down in very small quantities. The pattern and the number of the guards to be installed vary with the style and structure of the roof. These guards are also called snow cleats, snow brakes or snow brackets and are installed in combination with heat tapes, which help the snow to melt quickly.

Tips to find perfect snow guards for your house

The market is filled with an extensive range of snow guards and this makes selecting the right guards for your house very tricky. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision:

1. You should select guards, according to the material of your roof. For example, metal snow guards are better suited for metal rooftops than the polycarbonate ones.

2. Most common guards in the market are pad style, pipe style, fence style and standing seam. You should select the one that fits your requisite the most.

3. You can pick the most appropriate guards for your rooftop by judging various factors like style of the roof, pitch of the roof, and the expected snow load.

4. These days snow guards come in various metal powder-coated colors and you can select the ones that will match the color of your roof and will look good on it.

5. As your house is an expensive investment, consulting professionals in case of any doubt is always advisable.

With these tips at hand, you can now select snow guards which will not only solve the functional purpose of preventing avalanches, but will also look good on your roof and will increase the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards manufactures and distributes snow guards, bolt down and standing seam clamp style snow fences of all shapes and sizes for residential and commercial buildings. To know more about snow guards, you may visit Wikipedia.

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