Protect yourself from theft this summer

Stop thefts never occur because there is always someone wanting to be with someone else, and always will be people who, being forgetful, clueless, or directly a little left, open the doors to the thief. This can be literal (left the open car), or figurative, such as leaving that expensive X in the front seat of your car, in full view of everyone. Each replaces the X by what hurt him most.


Over the years, theft techniques are refined, but we must not be afraid of evil hacker that we’ll blow the car hit four electronic gadgets: evolving social component faster than any other. And above all, the picaresque takes the cake.


Parked in safe places

When I was little I was told that if he did not want to meet with problems, not database down dark alleys. Today, I think we have a great tip for car insurance is to park in a safe place. If we leave our vehicle in a field, isolated, night and no “movement” do not carry our hands to the head if the next day is robbed, or “vandalized”. Viewed from another perspective, anyone who approaches a vehicle so isolated is not a passerby (acercarías you like to look? Well that).


Do not trust anyone

Sorry, but good people, friendly and offer direct support do not exist. Well, not many, because they do exist. But surely think twice before offering help because it is usual that the help offered to get something, and if we talk about cars and supermarkets, for example, usually to no good. A server ashamed to offer help to someone who is in need because I always think that the other person is going to be suspicious (but equally offer, and yes, the look of distrust note).

Protect yourself from theft this summer
Protect yourself from theft this summer

Generally, we remain unsure whether distrust who invade our living space, anyone who approaches us in the car park offering something or other, someone who appears suddenly, someone who does strange things. It is not paranoia, it is a fact. Do not trust who says you lose air in a tire to check if you have to stop paying attention, or … well, do not trust. It is the most practical. And always, always close the car and keep the keys in a safe place.

And keep the city safe positions, always and windows in “no pass” (hands and arms).


Documentation and various objects, for safe keeping

Car documentation itself is something sweet for a thief, mostly because you can circulate legally with their photocopies, and because people have a very bad idea. On the other hand, leave clothes in the car, bags of unseen content but greedy sight, valuables (phone, purse, winning lottery ticket) is an invitation to theft. Not that there’s much to discuss on this topic.


Always attentive to load and unload the car

It is related to the above, but is specific to the points of loading and unloading the trunk of the car, mostly hypermarkets and shopping areas. It is very important to note that, however, we are suspicious by nature, we have a thousand eyes and we can not judge what someone watches from across the street. The same would apply in the areas of service stations idem. Always careful, and above all do not teach our trunk-full of “goods”, because someone there who is interested in “purchasing”.

By: EsamPim