Psalm 42 Commentary

Thirst for God

As a new Christian, The Psalms are a great place to start for inspiration to read the Bible. The Psalms are filled with poetic like writings that will keep you captivated. This article is a Psalms 42 commentary. A commentary is simply an explanation of a subject.

Psalm 42 Commentary: Having a Thirst for God

Are you as thirsty for the things of God as you were when you first became a Christian? Has your fire gone out over the years? The Bible shows that our thirst for God can be compared to a deer that thirst for water as it roams in a land where there is no water. A man by the name of Gamaliel Bradford said this:”My one unchanged ambition Wheresoe’er my feet have trod is a keen, enormous haunting, Never-sated thirst for God.We should always have a thirst for God and know Him through the power of the Holy Spirit by committing our lives to Him and giving Him our heart, soul, mind and body. The God of heaven is a living God and not just some idol that we worship without any communication lines. When we have a line of communication with God through prayer and through His Word we feel connected. However, when we are separated from the Lord through our own personal sin and rebellion we are miserable and feel disconnected.Those that have been gone back on the Lord or lost their fire for the Lord can attest to the feeling of being separated from the Lord. While you were backslid-den your memory consisted of how wonderful it was just to have unbroken fellowship with the Lord. As believers of the Bible, we don’t ever want to just have a memory of fellowship with the Lord. We want our fellowship to last until the Lord calls us to be with Him. We should realize in our walk with the Lord that there will be peaks and valleys to go through. The Lord will comfort and gives us strength through His Word as we hunger and thirst for Him. Let your faith arise! Stay in the Word and put your hope and trust in the Lord when pessimism challenges you faith. Begin to speak the things that the scriptures tell you to speak. You can even read the Bible aloud so that your spirit man can rise up and cause you to be victorious in Jesus Name! Amen!