Psychic Leakage

I wrote an article this morning about adultery.  Of course, someone else had written an article about adultery.  Although I was totally original, the fact that it was a ‘similar’ topic, got me one dozen alerts about revision.

The problem with the ‘alerts’ is that they are a ‘form letter’.  They make you spend at least fifteen minutes going back and forth, trying to figure out exactly what you did wrong.


I deleted the article and wrote on on How to Relax.  I thought that was a good topic and didn’t see any in the same vein.  Just as I finished, and posted, a tsunami of alerts hit my inbox.  I don’t know if I am particularly dunce why I need twelve alerts, but there it was.

I got annoyed, logged off. Watched my favourite soapies. Then came back, and yup! There was an article on How to Relax.

This may be shocking to others, but not to me.

Some years ago I wrote an item on the Black Plague. I posted it.  Then, I saw another article on the Plague.  I figured this was plagiarism pure and straight.

It wasn’t.

The article was totally different from mine.  Sure, he had the facts, but how he dealt with them was different.

I contacted him, and we went back and forth, because we don’t usually read each other’s stuff.  Did I pick up the psychic image from him, about the Plague?  Or did he pick it up from me?

It is strange to sit down, type directly from my brain and find that someone else has taken the same topic, as if we are sitting next to each other.

It maybe that particular ideas are provoked not because we are sitting quietly on a Sunday, just relaxing, knowing the salt mine awaits tomorrow, but that being connected to the same site at the same time, our thoughts may be transmitted as our words.

Or, on some topics, we all heard the headline, or saw that promo on T.V. and thought leads to thought.

I sometimes wonder if being ‘connected’ to the internet isn’t just a matter of electronics, but some how links our brains so that we can transmit and receive psychic messages.

If this is possible, I shall probably log off for the rest of my life.  It is bad enough that the cell company captures every single word I say, every message I type, as well as receive.

I am lucky that during our CopaCariba competition that no Mexican was killed or else I’d be in prison for having texted; “We are going to kill the Mexicans.”

I’ve learned my lesson, I don’t text or say anything on my cell.

I also know that I, as everyone else in the world is watched on the ‘Net. That it isn’t paranoia.  It is real.

But if my thoughts are now transmitting; I’m done.