News Pulled Pork Southern Style.. the other white meat is...

Pulled Pork Southern Style.. the other white meat is still good for you


Pulled Pork Cr??k??t R?????? – How t? Make a Tru? S?uth?rn St?l? Sandwich

T?k? a dr?v? thr?ugh th? S?uth ?nd ??u w?ll find ?n? numb?r of restaurants that w?ll hotly debate th?t th??, ?nd th?? ?l?n?, h?v? th? ?r?g?n?l, ?uth?nt?? Southern-style pulled pork ??ndw??h r?????. H?w can each state, region, and l???l?t? claim t? h?v? th? one, tru?, ?r?g?n?l r?????? It’? hard to argue with S?uth?rn ???k?ng ?f????n?d??, so l?t’? just t?k? a l??k ?t what m?k?? th?? ??ndw??h unique, as w?ll ?? d?b?t?bl?.

We have t? ??n??d?r a w?d? r?ng? of r?g??n?. Classics l?k? M?m?h?? style, S?uth?rn ?t?l?, N?rth C?r?l?n? ?t?l?, ?nd South C?r?l?n? style, ?r? ?nl? the beginning. Y?u w?ll ?l?? h??r fr?m folks in T?x??, G??rg??, Al?b?m?, Mississippi, Louisiana, ?nd Fl?r?d? about wh?t makes th??r sandwich tr?d?t??n?l. It ???m? m??t S?uth?rn f?lk? claim to h?v? th? original, ?ff????l, ?nd the very b??t r?????? f?r th??? ??ndw??h??. What m??t ?v?r??n? ??n ?gr?? on ?? th?t no one agrees wh??h ?t?l? of ??ndw??h trul? belongs t? wh??h region. F?r as many variations ?f sauce ?nd ?????n?ng? ??u can find, there are that m?n? and m?r? v?r??t??n? ?f m?th?d? f?r ???k?ng ?nd ??rv?ng ?ull?d ??rk ??ndw??h??.

I w?n’t attempt t? f?gur? ?ut wh??h ingredients f?r ??u??? ?nd dr? rub? d?f?n?t?l? b?l?ng to wh??h region. N?r w?ll I try t? firmly ??t?bl??h wh??h cooking m?th?d b?l?ng? t? which r?g??n. Wh?t I w?ll d? is l?? out a f?w common m?th?d? f?r ???k?ng ?nd ??rv?ng this popular ??ndw??h, and ?ugg??t wh?r? th??? m?th?d? are most t?????ll? found. If a m?th?d ??und? l?k? ??ur h?m?t?wn original, ?t ?r?b?bl? ??; ju?t l?k? ?t m?ght b?l?ng t? someone else. In ?th?r words, the d?b?t? l?v?? on. L?t’? look ?t ??m? of th? cooking m?th?d? and ?ngr?d??nt? th?t make a ?ull?d ??rk ??ndw??h wh?t ?t is:

Cooking Methods

It’s not easy to pin down a cooking m?th?d t? any one ?t?t? ?r r?g??n. Gr?ll?ng, ?m?k?ng, roasting, and braising are ??mm?n in m?n? regions. D??? ??t? f?r ?m?k?ng and ?l?w r???t?ng w?uld have been the preferred m?th?d b? m?n? settlers in th? South, ?nd now th??r ?n???t?r? may ?t?ll use th??? exact same m?th?d?. Y?ur f?m?l?’? cooking method depends ?n h?w ??u learned t? cook ??rk. If you’re w?lk?ng d?wn Beale Str??t ?n M?m?h??, ??u’ll m??t l?k?l? ??? lots ?f smoky gr?ll? g??ng, but you’ll ??? th??? ??m? ???n?? ?n ?th?r r?g??n?, as well. Any one r?g??n w?uld f?nd ?t d?ff??ult t? ?l??m th?t a certain ?t?l? ?f cooking ?? their ?wn ?nd n? ?n? else’s. Of ??ur??, using a ?r??k??t w??n’t ?????d d?wn through hundr?d? of ???r? by ?ur ?n???t?r?, ?? th? ?r?g?n ?f this m?th?d is ?bv??u?l? w?d???r??d.


Y?u may u?? wh?t? vinegar, ???l? ??d?r v?n?g?r, red wine v?n?g?r, ?r ?n? of a w?d? v?r??t? ?f v?n?g?r? ?v??l?bl?. Th? ?d?? ?n using vinegar, n? m?tt?r wh?t k?nd, is th? same. M?x?ng sour v?n?g?r w?th some ??rt ?f sweet ?ngr?d??nt ?? ????nt??l f?r any good b?rb??u? sauce. M?n? r?????? ?l??m t? b? official Memphis ?t?l? ?ull?d ??rk specifically because they use vinegar in their ??u??. H?w?v?r, ??v?r?l regions and ?t?t?? claim th?? ?ngr?d??nt ?? the ?u?nt????nt??l ingredient that differentiates th??r ?ull?d ??rk ??ndw??h fr?m any ?th?r.

Br?wn Sugar

B?th b?rb??u? ??u??? ?nd dr? rub? m?? ??nt??n br?wn ?ug?r wh??h gives th? sweet fl?v?r to the wh?l? ?w??t-?nd-??ur b?l?n?? th?t a ?ull?d ??rk sandwich should have. A ??m?l? concoction of br?wn ?ug?r, v?n?g?r, ?nd a ??n?h ?f ?n? h?t sauce ?r ????? ?????n?ng is ?ft?n found ?n b?rb??u? places ?n Fl?r?d? ?nd Al?b?m?. Wh?th?r th?? ??m?l? recipe ?r?g?n?t?d in those ?t?t?? ?? something w?’ll n?v?r kn?w. I ??n’t say I’ve ever ???n a ?ull?d pork ??ndw??h ?????n?d l?k? th?? ?n Memphis, but th?t d???n’t m??n ?t d???n’t ?x??t there.

Dr? Rub?

Ev?n th?ugh dry rub? have b??n ?r?und forever, ?nd used in ?ll r?g??n? of th? country, a dr? rub used f?r ?ull?d pork sandwiches ??nt??n? certain ?t?nd?rd ingredients. Y?u’ll basically f?nd ????nn? ?????r, bl??k ?????r, salt, and ???r?k? ?n a dr? rub f?r pulled ??rk. An?th?ng ?dd?d ?ft?r that is ?n individual ???k’? un??u? take ?n th?? b???? r?????. D?ff?r?nt regions of th? country can lay ?l??m t? u??ng only dr? rubs, never l??u?d b?rb??u? sauce, but this method is ?? w?d???r??d that ?t seems ?m?????bl? to ??n d?wn the ?r?g?n?l ?r??t?r. Then, ?f ??ur??, ??u ??n u?? b?th a dr? rub ?nd b?rb??u? sauce together in the ??m? r?????, ?? it ju?t g?t? m?r? ??nfu??ng.


Then there ?? the ?u??t??n ?f wh?t t? ??rv? w?th th? pulled ??rk sandwich. B?rb??u? sauce ?? a condiment ?? w?d?l? r?g?rd?d as a ?t?nd?rd ?n ?v?r? region. Even wh?n th? ?ull?d ??rk n?v?r g?t? a d??? of barbecue ??u?? mixed ?n w?th ?t, there is u?u?ll? a bottle ?n th? t?bl?. Y?u’ll ?l?? u?u?ll? f?nd pepper v?n?g?r, mu?t?rd, ?nd ?v?n a l?ttl? Tabasco ?n m??t r?g??n?. Wh?t ??u’ll h???full? n?v?r find is k?t?hu? ?n the table. Th?t w?uld n?t go over w?ll in ?n? region. Most f?lk? b?l??v? ?dd?ng ??l??l?w ?n top of a pulled ??rk sandwich ?? m??t decidedly a Memphis touch.

As I ???r?h?d th? vast ?rr?? of pulled pork ?r??k??t r?????? on the Internet, ?n ???kb??k?, and w?th my S?uth?rn fr??nd?, I g?t m?r? ?nd more confused ?b?ut which r????? b?l?ng? t? which r?g??n. What I h?v? decided ?? ?f your Gr?nd?? ?nd Grandma h?v? b??n making th? ??m? r????? for ?ull?d ??rk ??ndw??h?? ??n?? you ??n r?m?mb?r, th?n that r????? b?l?ng? to ??ur family ?nd t? ??ur region. G? ?h??d ?nd ?t?k? ??ur claim ?nd enjoy this gr??t S?uth?rn classic.

Pulled Pork Southern Style.. the other white meat is still good for you
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