Puppy Love ‘C?m? h?r? ?w??t?? pie. I've b?ught you ??m?th?ng special today.’

Puppy Love

‘C?m? h?r? ?w??t?? pie. I’ve b?ught you ??m?th?ng special today.’

Hubb? begins to ?m?l?. The ?m?l? th?n turns into a b?g grin. He begins t? w?nd?r how h? g?t ?? lucky.

‘What you g?t m? honey?’ H? sheepishly asks ?? h? run? to th? d??r!

V???bl? ?rr?t?t?d, she ru?h?? b? him w?th th? w?v? ?f her h?nd.

‘N?t ??u,’ ?h? r?t?rt? ?bru?tl?, ‘where’s Chico?’

Hubb? ?mm?d??t?l? dr??? h?? ?h?uld?r? ?nd ?huffl?? back t? his r?gul?r spot in fr?nt ?f the television set.

Out of n?wh?r? b?und? the n?w??t m?mb?r ?f the f?m?l?… th? ?u???, Chico. Bobbing h?? h??d, wagging h?? t??l, ?nd w?tt?ng h?m??lf, Chico is ?bv??u?l? ?v?rj???d th?t his r??l owner is h?m?.

Chico selfishly absorbs all ?f th? ?u??? love h?? ?wn?r showers down u??n h?m. Hubby steals a gl?n?? at ?ll of th? ??mm?t??n ?n th? corner. H? watches his w?f? and Chico play w?th Chico’? g?ft. A chewable plastic bone.

Th?? scene ?? ?l???d out d??l? in th? USA. People consider th??r ?u????? m?r? th?n ??t?. Some people ?v?n t?lk t? their animals. Women ???????ll?. I wonder wh?? M??b? b???u?? th? ?u??? l??t?n? and n?v?r t?lk? b??k.

Puppies l?v? t? ?l??. Th?? ?l?? love ?h?w? bones ?nd noisy t???. They ?l?? thrive on ?tt?nt??n ?nd ?ff??t??n, ?nd ?nj?? b??ng ?h?w?r?d w?th ?u??? l?v?.

Pur?h??? a h?rd plastic ???l fr?m the h?rdw?r? ?t?r?. Put ?t ?n your back yard ?nd f?ll it w?th water. Y?ur f?ur l?gg?d fr??nd w?ll l?v? ??u for ?t. It w?uld serve a dual ?ur???? t??. Chico ??n play in the pool ?nd th? w?t?r w?uld ???l h?m ?ff.

H?v? ??u ?v?r ???n th??? r???-l?k? t??? f?r puppies? Th?? can chew ?n th??? things f?r d??? on ?nd. P?t ?t?r?? carry ?n ?rr?? ?f t??? ?nd th?ng? for ??ur ?u???. In fact, I r?m?mb?r seeing a ?t?nd full ?f ??t th?ng? ?n a corner m?rk?t. Im?g?n? th?t!

A d?wn ??d? to h?v?ng a ?u??? ?? fl???. I d?n’t find b?d odor ?? mu?h of a problem with ?u????? as with b?gg?r dogs. But fleas! All th??? over the ??unt?r r?m?d???, gu?r?nt??d to r?d ??ur puppy ?f fl??? ?nl? dr??n? th? pocketbook.

I use pine n??dl??. Pu????? d?n’t m?nd pine n??dl??, but fleas d?. Put a l???r of ??n? needles on your ?u????? bed and he’ll ?h?w?r ??u w?th puppy l?v?. P?n? n??dl?? h?l? ?ut ?d?r t??. Change the pine n??dl?? ?v?r? ??u?l? of d??? ?r ??.

Of ?ll th? ?n?m?l? ????l? k???, ?u????? ?r? ??????l. Th?? br?ng a puppy l?v? ?nt? th? h?m? th?t n? ?th?r animal can bring.

As u?u?l, I’ll conclude w?th a DOG t??. R?m?mb?r th?t’? a D?g Owners Guide (DOG) t??:

B?f?r? you ??t ?n? puppy ?r d?g, ask th? ?wn?r f?r?t. It ?t?nd? to r????n th?n, ?f th? ?wn?r ??n’t ?r?und, n?v?r t?u?h a ?tr?ng? ?u??? ?r d?g. Ju?t because th? ?u??? ?? ?m?ll ?nd ?d?r?bl?, doesn’t mean h? can’t ?nfl??t a ??r??u? wound.