Purchasing Used StairLifts – Points to Remember

Staircases pose a major challenge for older people and those with mobility issues. Stairlifts help resolve this challenge by providing safe and comfortable travel over the stairs. By making the upper levels of their home easily accessible to them, this accessibility device greatly enhances their independence and quality of life.

Leading manufacturers offer innovative models of stair chair lifts to meet the requirements of people with special needs. However, purchasing new mobility equipment can prove to be an expensive investment, especially if you have a budget constraint. Pre-owned stairlifts can be an ideal and cost-effective option in such a situation. Buying pre-owned lifts allows users to use top quality products equipped with the same features and technical specifications as a new product, but at much lower price.

These pre-owned devices are put through a detailed refurbishment process before they are certified and offered for sale. As part of the refurbishment process, qualified and factory trained experts conduct a detailed inspection of the equipment to identify operational, functional, and safety issues. Repairs are carried out and damaged parts are replaced. The device is carefully inspected and tested to check whether it is in perfect working condition before being put up for sale.

Before choosing a pre-used mobility device, it is important to analyze your specific requirements. A reliable elevator and lift company that supplies various types of stair chair lifts can help you do this and also provide valuable guidance to help you choose the right model. It’s important to consider the following factors during purchase:

• Features – See that the stair lift you choose is equipped with standard safety features. Popular models are integrated with advanced safety features like emergency stop button, remote control, anti-skid platform, safety belt, obstruction sensors, fold-up platform, electromechanical brake and more. Make sure that everything is working properly. Some of the top pre-owned models offered by reliable dealers include Step Saver Straight Stair Chair, Acorn 120, Acorn 180, and Electra-Ride-Elite.

• Budget – Reliable dealers offer quality devices at competitive price. Make sure you select a quality model that fits your individual needs and budget.

• Check with original manufacturer specifications – Before making a final purchase deal, check whether the device has undergone a detailed refurbishment process and whether it complies with all the original manufacturer specifications.

• Efficient post-sales support – Make sure whether the dealer offers prompt post-purchase support. This is essential in case your lift develops any technical issues; they need to be repaired without any delay. Check whether the dealer offer quick installation, inspection, warranty and repair and maintenance services for the pre-used mobility equipment.

Buy From a Reliable Supplier

Locate a reliable and reputable elevator and lift company that offers quality pre-owned stairlifts at competitive price. Conduct a detailed online research and identify a dealer that can provide value for your investment. With the right dealer chosen, you can get benefited from superior post-sales support including quick installation, timely inspection and repair and maintenance solutions.