Queasiness and Vomiting Remedies For Children

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Give That Tummy a Rest

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The first thing to do is to stop putting things in the child’s stomach. Give it a rest. Just skip a regular feeding until the stomach seems to settle. Offer oral re-hydration fluids such as Pedialyte, instead, in small, frequent sips.

Offer Reassurance

Vomiting can be very scary to a child. Assure her that she’s going to be all right. A young child may want you to hold her and stay with her for a while. For older children, it’s comforting to be tucked into bed until they feel better.

Start Foods Slowly

Wait for your child to express an interest in eating, then start with clear liquids. Your main objective is to avoid dehydration. Many children can’t tolerate water after vomiting but will suck on ice chips or even a cold, wet washcloth. If clear liquids stay down, you can offer dry toast or crackers. Avoid milk and milk products, though, which are not well-tolerated.

Pour a Cola

Things do go better with Coke. This is an old home remedy that has stood the test of time. There’s something about lukewarm Coca Cola Classic that makes it stay down better than most things. Serve it lukewarm and a little bit flat. Stir it a little to make the bubbles disappear.

Trust Your Child

Whether she says she wants tea and toast or a pepperoni pizza, serve it up. When children are ready to eat again, it’s best to go with what they feel they can eat. With younger less verbal children, stick to bland foods such as toast, crackers, rice or potatoes at first. If the child’s stomach tolerates those foods, you can gradually introduce others.

If They Experience A Headache

Some kids like warm cloths on their heads, others like cold cloths. You just need to experiment. Keep the compress on for about 30 minutes, re-wetting it as necessary.


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