Questing For the Best Laptop Under $800 – An Overall Consistent Performance Wins Out

When it comes to getting the best laptop under $800, overall versatility must be what is considered when it comes to separating a computer from the rest of the pack. Certainly at this cost level you can start customizing your laptop for your specific gaming, application, or work usage, but when it comes to the very best computer in this category, you can pick up a great computer at a great price that allows you to do all three quite successfully.

The HP G72-250US

Truth be told I’m not a big fan of Hewlett-Packard, but this laptop that they put together is simply one of the best laptops you can purchase, much less being the best laptop under $800. With an Intel Core i3-350 processor, this beauty comes standard with 4GB of memory with an option to be able to upgrade it to 8GB. The standard 17′ display simply puts this computer into a different class. The 320 GB hard disk drive also helps with movie and photo storage.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Though the audio output on this laptop could use a little work, it’s nothing that a cheap pair of computer speakers can’t fix. And what makes this the best laptop under $800 is simply its versatility. You can run music creation programs, graphics manipulation applications, stream movies, and store tons of music and pictures on this laptop. It is useful both as your every day office tool or for letting the kids get their homework completed.

Simply the Best Design Out There

To be the best laptop under $800 means a laptop has to be simple and easy to use, and the HP G72-250US does just that. A Simple, straightforward keyboard design with full 10-key capability and a well place touch pad means that you can get your work done efficiently and effectively. A strong battery allows you to be mobile with your laptop without having to worry about it dropping dead in the middle of a task. This computer simply lets you do what you need to do, when you need to do it.

Textured Design Prevents Smudges

Whether you have kids that get grimy fingers on your laptop or you are in the habit of eating potato chips while working, the textured surfaces of this computer also help make it the best laptop under $800. Nothing is as frustrating as having to clean your computer daily even because of just normal fingerprints, and the new design of the HP G72-250US takes that into account. Certainly it won’t prevent you from having to clean it after cheese powder covered fingers get a hold of it, but routine use won’t look like over use with this computer.

The HP G72-250US is the ultimate workhorse computer – it provides entertainment value, can do any task you need it to do, and is family friendly in it’s design and ability to use. For these reasons, it is clearly the best laptop under $800 currently on the market.