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Quickly Learn How to Update Virus Definitions in McAfee Total Protection


Cyber world is full of malicious codes, programs, and other applications that can damage your system’s and network’s security. The malicious executable files or malware programs may hide themselves inside your PC and can damage its software and hardware components to an irreparable extent.

Read below to learn how you can update virus definitions in McAfee’s latest PC security program.
McAfee Total Protection is a complete system security suite that features some advanced tools and innovative technology to create a virus-free computing environment. Undoubtedly, the security program presents outstanding virus detection results, when compared to a free online virus scan, but you will need to update virus definitions periodically to avail the best antivirus protection. Usually, software development companies release periodic updates to make their products genuine and abreast of the latest technology practices. Installing those updates and security patches makes your security software up to date and ensures that it should not allow any unidentified code to execute on your valuable PCs.

Three Exclusive Features of Total Protection

1. McAfee Family Protection Feature

The suite allows you to adjust Parental Controls and helps you to block inappropriate websites. Additionally, you can also set time limits for Internet usage to ensure that your kids should not access the web, when you’re not around. The security program also offers a complete control over what your kids see online by presenting a detailed usage report about the website they access in your absence.

2. Smart Network Manager

Managing Internet security and online privacy can be a tedious task for an average user, but McAfee’s Network Manager provides full monitoring of your home’s Wi-Fi network. The smart sense technology doesn’t allow unknown devices to access the Internet using your Wi-Fi and thus blocks their access to keep your network clean and safe. The tool’s advanced security features also help in preventing others from eavesdropping on your Internet usage and online activities.

3. McAfee Site Advisor

The McAfee Site Advisor works as a helping hand while making smarter decisions about the health of links presented as browser’s search results. Additionally, the tool follows a color scheme and marks the web links in red, yellow, and green colors to showcase the risk each link carries. The feature helps you to choose what you click and also safeguard you and your data-rich systems from malicious download.

Steps to Update Virus Definitions in Total Protection

Installing updated virus definitions not just uses the updated virus database while scanning your hard disk drive, but it will also use them while you browse the web. As the McAfee Site Advisor presents the health of web links by marking it with different colors, outdated virus definitions may miss marking a malicious website. Highlighting websites containing spyware or other types of malware is highly important to keep your system free from virtual threats and stubborn infections.
Follow these steps to update virus definitions on your McAfee’s security program:

• Try to locate the small ‘M’ icon in the system tray to verify that the Total Protection software is running on your PC

• If you’re unable to see the small ‘M’ icon, either click ‘McAfee’ desktop icon or the McAfee ‘Start’ menu icon to launch it

• Click the ‘Home’ tab to view the series of general options in the main program window

• Click the ‘Update’ option, located under the ‘Protection Status’ section

• Click the ‘Update’ button in the main window and the program will use your Internet connection to download the available virus definition updates

• Wait patiently, and the program will send a message indicating the completion of the virus definition update process

• Now, perform a full system scan to get updated and accurate virus detection results.


Always remember to keep your McAfee login details handy while updating virus definition of your Total Protection security suite. The official website may also ask for product serial number or registration key to confirm that you’ve installed McAfee’s security solutions on your device. Kids are the most innocent Internet users, so adopt strong parental control strategies by using McAfee family protection features and give them the freedom to discover the Internet safely. Install a paid security suite right now, if you don’t want to rely on a free online virus scan or keep your computer security at stake.

Quickly Learn How to Update Virus Definitions in McAfee Total Protection
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