Quietest Dishwasher: 3 Whisper Quiet Dish Washing Machines (#2 is SILENT)

Three of the Best ‘Quiet’ Dishwashers

There is nothing worse than a ridiculously loud dishwasher going off in the background whilst you are trying to get pretty much anything done — enjoy watching the tv, reading a book, playing a quick game of monopoly with the family — it is just plain irritating & overbearing.

However, some ‘clever’ manufacturers have realized this problem and had got to work on making some of the best SILENT dishwashers about and I have saved the hassle for you to go off and find these appliances, by compiling them into three of the Quietest Dishwashers about. Hopefully, you will find the perfect quiet dish washing machine for you (I’m willing to bet you are gonna love #2).

Just to set a marker though — with regards to how many decibels is a quiet dishwasher — anywhere under 55/56 db is considered a quiet dishwasher dba. All the models below, are much quieter than even that.

#1 KitchenAid Super Quiet Dishwasher

Expensive? Yes. Very, very quiet? Absolutely. This whisper quiet dishwasher produced by KitchenAid (KDFE454CSS Architect II 24′) has got to be ranked as ‘the best of the best’ in quiet dishwashers i.e it doesn’t get any quieter than this (and has been proven).

With regards to the cleaning details, as you would expect with such a luxury dishwashing machine you have a whole range of cleaning cycles with added options to choose from. Looks wise it is built on a plastic and stainless steel framework (but to me certainly when you go up close, it has nothing on the #2 Bosch, below & considering it is twice the price, a bit of a let down).

The capacity is enough for 11 plates, with racks being sturdy and comes with a silverware cutlery holder — nothing really ‘out of the ordinary here’. It comes with a range of whistles and bells: delay feature, top rack only option & control lock. But, further disappointment comes — when we get down to the actual cleaning performance for such an expensive dishwasher it ain’t great (the Bosch below, blows it out the water) — you would expect for $1,500 to see your face in your plates, instead ‘some came out worse before they went in’. So although this is the QUIETEST dishwasher around, I don’t advise you get it, it doesn’t do job no.1 very well i.e cleaning dishes — instead look to the one just below. Pure class.

#2 Bosch Quietest Dishwasher SHP65T55UC

With this machine, you could get away with using it in a library. This is quite simply an awesome dishwasher & easily my favorite and the one I advise you to get — combining ‘silence’ (just a couple of decibels more than #1, nothing noticeable) with a great cleaning performance.

Bosch are the Rolls Royce of Dishwashers and famously known for being the brand who makes the quietest dishwashers — and this model is one of their best selling models.

‘Unbelievably quiet, and it gets dishes clean’

So let’s get to the point: this dish washing machine is practically silent with a db rating of 44 they claim, but I am willing to bet its even quieter in operation. To give you an idea as to how loud 44 db actually is, 50 dB is a fair bit quieter than a normal conversation you would have — so 44 is as at a whispering level. You definitely won’t hear it, if you set it off over night and its down stairs and your upstairs (your refrigerator makes more noise).

‘ALL dishes come out perfectly clean and spot.’

With regards to the cleaning performance, as you would expect, it is to an excellent standard — although slightly longer than you would expect, just over the 2 hour mark, but this is likely to do with the fact that it is energy star saving conscious at a quoted 259 kw per year. This being aid, it does come with an express wash feature that will get your dishes done in under 30 minutes flat (an aspect I really like). Also, as you can see it has a stainless steel modern and sleek finish to it, looks truly suave.

See here for more details.

‘I’ve had it over 2 months now and still love everything about it.’

It comes with a few clever features added to it as well such as the 24 hour delay start timer, to let you set the washing machine to start even when you’re not in the house (i.e at work). Moreover, you get an AquaStop leak protection to ensure it doesn’t flood your utility room or kitchen — the door is tight enclosed.

I promise, you won’t regret investing in this incredible dish washer machine. Best Price: $850.

#3 Whirlpool Affordable Quiet Dishwasher

Now the two models ain’t cheap quiet dishwahsers, hence I went searching for the best affordable quietest dish washer under $600, under $500 and under $400. Available new at just over $350 the WDF310PAAW dishwasher produced by Whirlpool is a very popular & fantastic overall option for those who are on a limited budget yet still want a dishwasher that’s practically silent in operation.

It utilizes a special acoustic technology package they term the ‘Quiet Partner I’ that allows it be perform & clean your dishes at whisper quiet noise levels & improves the overall sound quality — trust me, you can enjoy a decent game of monopoly without being disturbed.

Rating: 90% plus (sourced amazon.com)

Another great benefit with this dishwasher is it is so energy efficient that it can qualify for rebates. It uses almost half the water and energy as that of standard dishwashers, yet still comes out with a superior clean. In all, Whirlpool have achieved an engineering achievement with this machine — for it being so cheap, yet so good. Clearly the ‘best value quiet dishwasher’ from the lot.

So Which Super Quiet Dishwasher Will You Buy?

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