Quincy California Museum

Quincy California is known for its great camping, fishing, hiking and boating, but something you won’t want to miss while visiting the Sierra Nevada Mountains is some of the museums and parks in Quincy.

Plumas County has an interesting history of Gold Mining, and timber industry. The original residents of the Plumas County in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the mountain Maidu Indian had a unique culture and were known for their beautiful woven baskets and other hand crafts. Later as the gold mining and lumber drew others into the area, other influences started to shape the area. Groups of workers brought with them the culture of their original countries one of the larger influences came from the Chinese workers coming in to work the gold mines.

Plumas County Museum

The Plumas County Museum captures the essence of these many influences and helps visitor get a glimpse of life in the early years the settlement of this area. One wing of this impressive museum is dedicated to the industry of the area with exhibits on the railroads used, gold mining on the Feather River, and the lumber industry in the area.

Quincy Gold Mining

The gold mining industry came to life in the early 1900’s with numerous mining camps along the forks of the Feather River and lasted for more than 50 years. During this time Chinese immigrants flowed into the area to work the mines. In time the mines were played out and most left the area for more productive mining areas.

In 1910 Western Union constructed a railroad to Plumas County. With the railroad came the opportunity to start shipping lumber and the lumber industry came to life in Plumas County. It was now possible to start shipping Plumas lumber nationwide.

Original photographs of the area are displayed in the archival library section of the museum along with original documents, literature and public records. There is also an “Exhibit Yard” that displays equipment used during the developing years of Plumas County. Exhibits include hydraulic mining equipment and even a restored cabin giving viewers a glimpse of how a gold miner would have lived.

Another of the areas interesting sites is the 1878 Variel Home. This is a fully restored house that was built by one of the first emigrants in passing through the American Valley.

Quincy Recreation

Today the Feather River Canyon is used primarily for fishermen, campers, and hikers. Whether you are planning to just stop over or have weekend getaway in the Plumas area or have a family camping trip planed, there are several great campgrounds available in the area. Some of the nicer ones like Pioneer RV Park provide all the amenities you need to make you stay comfortable, including spaces for “Big Rigs” and important features like Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, Swimming Pool, Pet areas and even laundry facilities. Pioneer RV Park is one of the favorite Quincy RV resort and is perfect for overnight or long terms stays to in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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