Quotes about depression

25 quotes about depression by experts who have treated depression and people who suffered from this wicked disease: these quotes describe the true nature of depression.

Quotes on Depression

  • ‘What is depression? It’s the incapability of feeling, the sense of being dead while the body is still alive. It’s the inability to be happy, just as one is unable to grieve. A depressed person would be greatly relieved if she could be sad.’

#1: Erich Fromm

  • ‘Although depression (or melancholia) has been recognized as a clinical syndrome for over 2,000 years, as yet no completely satisfactory explanation of its puzzling and paradoxical features has been found.’

#2: Aaron T. Beck & Brad A. Alford, Depression: causes and treatments (2009)

  • ‘Depression today is everywhere. GPs diagnose it, celebrities reveal they suffer from it, children are given prescriptions for it, media articles debate it, soap characters wrestle with it.’

#3: Darian Leade, New black: Mourning, Melancholia and depression (2008)

  • ‘But one depression is not like another, if one takes into account the life events that one is coping with. Losing a child is not like losing a parent or losing a job…’

#4: Ernest Keen, Depression: self-consciousness, pretending, and guilt (2002)

  • ‘The experience of depression often seems paradoxical: a new mother gets depressed after a much-wanted birth of a child; an executive slips into a depression following a successful effort to achieve a higher position; a widow seems more depressed when her dog dies than she did when her husband of many years died.’

#5: Constance L. Hammen, Depression (1997]

  • ‘Depression saps your ability to concentrate or think clearly.’

#6: R. DePaulo & L. A. Horvitz, Understanding depression: what we know and what you can do about it (2002)

  • ‘Attempting to control moods with chemicals is like trying to reprogram a computer with a screwdriver.’

#7: Ernest Keen, Depression: self-consciousness, pretending, and guilt (2002)

  • ‘The depressed need the support of society to enable them to overcome their problems.’

#8: Leslie Lim, Depression, the misunderstood illness (2008)

  • ‘There have been many famous people like Churchill, Lincoln and Cromwell who suffered from depression but yet left their mark in history.’

#9: Leslie Lim (2008)

  • ‘Depression has existed for thousands years, perhaps from the time our ancestors first stood on two legs and peered over the grasses on the plains of Africa. Since then hundreds of millions of people have fought depression and won.’

#10: William J. Knaus & Albert Ellis, The cognitive behavioral workbook for depression: a step-by-step program (2006)

  • ‘The first principle to follow in stepping out of your depression and back into your life is to understand that you can only start from where you are, not from where you would like to be.’

#11: Kirk D. Strosahl & Patricia J. Robinson, The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for depression (2008)

  • ‘Depression is very treatable – far more so than we think it is when we’re under its spell.’

#12: Syd Baumel, Dealing with depression naturally: complementary and alternative therapies for restoring emotional health


  • ‘Depression may be a signal that you need to cut off a part of yourself in order to make room for something new to grow.’

#13: Lara Honos-Webb, Listening to depression: How understanding your pain can heal your life (2006)

  • ‘Depression may help you to disconnect from previous lifestyle or situation so that you can create a new life.’

#14: Lara Honos-Webb (2006)

  • ‘When something bad happens to you, how you explain it will affect the course of your depression and your health.’

#15: Lara Honos-Webb (2006)

  • ‘By not passing on spiritual values to the younger generations, our nation may be planting the seeds of depression for their future.’

#16: Michael D. Yapko, Treating depression with hypnosis (2001)

  • ‘The cure of depression is vitally dependent on changing one’s way of thinking, one’s beliefs and expectations of other and life, in its daily details and in general.’

#17: Michael D. Yapko (2001)

  • ‘Spending more billions on drugs as if drugs will magically provide the solution is already an ineffective response to the rising rates of depression. Doing more of what isn’t working is not atypical of human nature, but in this context is deeply troublesome.’

#18: Michael D. Yapko (2001)

  • ‘To look with compassion into the eyes of someone suffering the pain, anguish, despair, and hopelessness of depression can be a profoundly moving experience.

#19: Michael D. Yapko (2001)

  • ‘Life is too short to spend part or all of it emotionally impaired.

#20: Michael D. Yapko (2001)

  • ‘Depression can make healthy food unappetizing until only junk food and chocolate seem attractive.’

#21: Wes Burgess, The Depression Answer Book (2009)

  • ‘During the course of our lives, it is the unusual person who does not have at least one period of deep despair.

#22: Bruce E. Levine, Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic (2007)

  • ‘When your pain feels unbearable, it is likely that you desire someone who can bear your pain.’

#23: Bruce E. Levine (2007)

  • ‘Our best friends and our worst enemies are our thoughts. A thought can do us more good than a doctor, a banker, a faithful friend. It can also do us more harm than a brick.

#24: Frank Crane

  • ‘How we think about depression shapes how we will respond to it.

#25: Howard W. Stone, Defeating Depression: Real Hope For You and Those Who Love You (2007)

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