Race Car Nursery Theme

The race car nursery theme is very popular for baby boys. Be sure to search the Internet completely before purchasing decorations to find the best ones. Use this list to help you get started making that list of the race car nursery decorations you will need to buy.

  1. Race Car Rugs: Bathroom rugs make a great addition to most nurseries. Search larger retail sites like Amazon for fun race car themed rugs. Also, be sure to consider neighborhood map rugs (the kind you find in preschools), they make great play rugs and help to protect high traffic areas.
  2. Race Car Clocks: These are going to be a little more difficult to find. Many generic versions can be found at general retailers and if you search re-sell sites like EBay you will find some more unique options.
  3. Race Car Wall Hangings: You can find handmade versions of framed images at sites like Etsy. More general ‘art’ and framing sites offer cheaper versions of framed, realistic images. If you are searching for more childish images then I would stick to sites like Etsy, Rosenberry Rooms and Land of Nod.
  4. Race Car Wall Stickers: This is going to be the most fun search for race car nursery decorations. There are literally hundreds of options for wall decals for this nursery theme. Check Etsy first, they have some of the best personalized versions with your child’s name. Larger websites have good selections as well but you will find that some of the kits have images that don’t go together well.

Those are some more basic nursery deecorations that you will need to find for a race car nursery. There are still many other pieces you can add to your baby room. Check out some of the following decorating options to complete your race car nursery.

  • Race Car Light Switch Covers: Again, some handmade sites will have great options but check EBay as well. This is a less popular option for most nurseries but will add some nice flair.
  • Race Car Drawer Pulls: Custom drawer pulls are surprisingly expensive but if you re looking for some finishing touches, check out some handmade sites and Amazon.

Finding the right theme for your nursery is the first step to creating a great baby’s room. Once you’ve decided on a race car nursery theme use this list to find the best decorations.