News Racialism in Football

Racialism in Football


Racialism should not exist in the 21st century on a whole. Surely, we should have made progress by now and be above this pathetic mannerism. This is one point but it should have never entered sport and at the moment there it is highlighted in football because of various incidences. Football is such a beautiful game and meant for the whole family to go and enjoy it. So, why not keep it just for joy and clean?

Now, the last known incidence happened with Anthony Ferdinand playing for QPR. He is the brother of Rio Ferdinand playing for Manchester United. Apparently John Terry made a remark and now he states that he asked him if ever that was said to him. Well, John Terry was involved in a race scandal with a Liverpool player. Maybe he asked him as well. When the investigation started Antony received death threats. That again is nothing new about Chelsea fans. It happened before when one of them is put up against the wall and questioned.

All this is nothing new and had happened for the last decade but it is disgusting to have these smear put on players which it is not their fault, the colour of their skin. The very fact is that nobody gets asked how they want to be born.

Now, I am coming to the main reason of this article. Sepp Blatter. What is he thinking of? He supposed to be the boss of FIFA making sure that the game is kept clean. Thiery Henry began a campaign a decade ago to stop racial abuse in football backed by many famous players. Having to go to that length to starting a campaign and highlight these constant abuses they should have never been forced too. FA and the FIFA should have stepped in ages ago. It is not Blatter’s job to sit in his Swiss chateau and according to the press drinks gin and tonic. Now under more and more pressure Blatter had the nerve to state they should just shake hands. Would he if he would be abused?

There is so much more to Blatter and it is absolutely amazing how he gets away with it all the time. Years ago an ex-footballer openly stated that a number of top football clubs passing a huge amount of money through the backdoor to get players or other deals done. He named the clubs and thedeals.A big noise broke lose. Oh, we must investigate and they will be heavily fined or even band. Then as it is always happens other great news came along and it become quietly forgotten. That from a start should not have happened. This smells nothing but corruption from which football as a sport should not be smeared with.

Following this the recent re-election of the president of the FIFA. All over sudden there were corruption scandals breaking lose all about the other candidates. They were sacked and fined. Blatter emerged from this scandal as the only candidate for election. If that doesn’t leave you speechless nothing will. How on earth nobody objected to this set-up of an election? This man is worth or just as bad as previous dictators. The final straw is that after the scandal created by Blatter not doing anything more than advising to shake hands he was called to step down. Yet he flatly refuses. He forgets that he has been elected or is he like Napoleon who crowned himself. It surely looks like that.

Racialism in Football
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