Radeon hd 7970 specs and review

The Radeon HD 7970 heralds AMD ‘s new 28-nanometer graphics card generation ‘Southern Islands’ including a new GCN architecture , and is faster and more economical than its predecessor, the HD 6900-series . It costs around 500 € and from 9 to January initially be available in limited numbers. On the Radeon HD 7970 sits for the first time, a separate HD video transcoder (Video Codec Engine / VCE), the Full-HD footage faster than real time to convert. But special software is required. 4K display, the high-end graphics card via HDMI 1.4a 3 GHz or 1.2 DisplayPort HBR directly controlled.

At nearly 28 inches long, the card sits in the first 28-nanometer process from TSMC and made ??to DirectX 11.1 compatible XT desktop GPU Tahiti with 2048 shader cores, 128 texture units and 32 raster output stages.

The Tahiti-GPU consists of 32 compute units each with four SIMD blocks of 16 shader cores. Vergrößern

AMD Tahiti is 365 mm ² and is home to exactly 4,312,711,873 transistors, according to AMD. The most forceful Cayman AMD chip (40 nm) had over 2.6 billion, Nvidia GF110 (40 nm) around 3 billion transistors. On the Radeon HD 7970 with 925 MHz and Tahiti expects theoretically creates 3.79 trillion mathematical operations per second for single-precision (DP: 0.95 teraflops). His new work units during the anisotropic texture filtering more accurate than older Radeons, which can affect the overall picture when playing quietly. High-resolution textures flicker in motion now less.

The GPU can access 3 GB of fast GDDR5 memory (in the professional sector with ECC protection) access, which is connected via data lines 384. Tahiti is also supplied with more than a quarter terabyte of data per second (264 GB / s). The high transfer rate is necessary to utilize the 32 grid amplifiers (ROP) can consistently, as we said AMD senior fellow Architect Mike Mantor. Also, the Cayman GPU of the Radeon HD 6970 has 32 ROPs, however, were often engaged in very intense scenes, texture and geometry, only 22 to 24 – and therefore only have been issued that number of pixels per clock.

The Radeon HD 7970 also supports the new version 3.0 of the PCI interface – a compatible motherboard that is required is doubled on the Datentranferrate 16 GB / s per direction. The map, however, can also easily operate in a PCIe 2.0 slot and there is just as powerful.

In games, the Radeon HD 7970 of the previously fastest single GPU graphics card GeForce GTX 580 is superior to average between 15 and 20 percent, the company’s own predecessor Radeon HD 6970 by 35 percent. This is roughly the percentage increase of the functional units – here you could count on a new architecture with more efficiency.

In 3DMark 11 the Radeon HD 7970 creates a very good 7579 points (setting performance) and is 17 percent ahead of the GeForce GTX 580 In demanding extreme flow increases the distance between the Radeon even to just under 30 percent in 2687 and creates points. The impressive performance in DirectX 11 Tessellation benchmark Unigine Heaven is: AMD doubled the performance compared to the fastest graphics chips Cayman attracts and DirectX 11 even loosely connected to the GeForce GTX 580 over. Unfortunately, OpenGL comes in four-run driver again AMD’s weakness to light, which breaks a strong performance.