Radiation Alert Monitor 4 Professional Grade Geiger Counter

The radiation alert Monitor 4 professional grade Geiger Counter is a top of the line radiation monitoring tool that anyone can buy to determine the exact levels of radiation in your area. It can also be used to determine the radiation levels of given objects that you might encounter in industrial work areas.

Professional Geiger CounterUsers can watch the flashing red indicator and listen for the beeping alert which will occur each time an increase in radiation levels is detected.

This particular item comes with a leather carrying case, and a user manual.

Manufactured by ‘Radiation Alert’, this monitor has a shape that is very similar to a star trek phaser.

Professional grade detectors such as this one can detect a wide range of radiation including alpha and beta particles in addition to gamma rays and x rays.

The detector is capable of operating within a temperature range between -20 and 55 degrees celsius, and weighs in at a handy 6.3 ounces.

According to reviews written by people that have purchased and used this geiger counter, the unit is effective and capable for the price, but it requires the user to place it directly in front of the item or area you are trying to measure.

Some owners wish the radiation detector was more sensitive and had a higher detection range, but it does come in at a middle range in terms of price. Other counters that are slightly more sensitive can range up beyond $500 in price, making them out of range of some consumers who just want a solid and reliable geiger counter for home and work-site use.

a powerful and accurate geiger counterThe nuclear reactor event in Japan raised public concern about dangerous ambient radiation and radiation drift, not just in Fukushima but in other parts of the country.

Although much of the radioactive cloud was forecast to dissipate out over the Pacific, some Americans grew concerned over whether or not it would be possible for dangerous levels of radiation to drift over the west coast of the United States.