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Radio Alarm Clock with Remote Control

I like millions of others around the world can’t wake up without a good alarm clock by my side. Most people enjoy waking up to their favorite radio stations with music. There are a lot of different alarm clocks on the market. Some use natural sounds, light, and a variety other methods to help wake a person up. Hearing music seems to be the most popular method when it comes alarm clocks out on the market. What makes a radio alarm clock with a remote control so cool, is that you can control volume, station, and music played with reaching out of your bed to adjust the alarm clock. These alarm clocks are also compatible with your iPad, iPhone, or your iPod.

I like to have a remote right next to my bed, so I don’t have to move much while being half asleep. Much like having a remote control while watching television. Even if you’re a heavy sleeper, and have trouble waking up these alarm clocks should help. I’ve listed some of the top selling and best rated radio alarm clocks that can even help heavy sleepers wake up, and start their day off right.

Alarm Clocks Help You Sleep Better

Our body has a mechanical process that tries to tell us when its time to wake up. Constantly having to wake up every few hours, because you’re not sure if its time to wake up is not healthy at all day. That can lead to a lot of sleepless nights. Alarm clocks are proven to help those sleep better at night. It’s better not knowing that you don’t have to constantly worry about when its time to wake up. Your body can be more relaxed, and that leads to more soundly sleeping nights.

Alarm clocks really are worth the investment even if you don’t necessarily have to be up in time. It’s healthy to also go to sleep around the same time, and wake up around the same time. It helps our bodies function better, and prevents less stress throughout the day. We all need our 7-8 hours of sound sleep so we can function like capable human beings.

iHome Alarm Clock for iPod

The iHome is among the most popular iPod and radio alarm clocks that are being sold on the market. There are some really good products, and then some not so good products to help heavy sleeper wake up in the morning. When going to amazon you can usually get some great feedback on which is among the best. They have a lot of customer reviews and feedback on their products.

It seems like the iHome iD37GZC 30-Pin is among the very best to buy. I always like to buy a product that has at least thirty amazon reviews to get a good feel how good it is. There’s nearly 200 amazon reviews. It’s gotten a 4.2 star rating. So it seems to me like a pretty reliable radio alarm clock to use for iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

This is definitely one of the best alarm clocks for iPhones and iPods for the money. This is a very versatile product. You can wake up to a custom playlist, or an FM radio. The radio alarm clock dock will fit any iPad, iPhone, or iPod. It comes with custom alarm settings, dual alarm, programmable snooze times that allows you to customize how long you want to sleep between the snooze time, gradual wake up and gradual sleep function that increases or decreases alarm sleep volume. And you can customize all these features with a remote control.

Cheap Radio Alarm Clock with Music for iPod

Even the best alarm clocks can be expensive. A lot of them will cost above $50 dollars, some can even cost a $100 dollars. It’s still wise to make a good investment on a good alarm clock for those that are heavy sleepers. If you work or go to school, then its well worth it to spend extra money to help wake up on time, and get a good night’s rest. The NEW Ottavo OT1010 Speaker 30-Pin is going for prices under $50 dollars. That’s not bad for an iPod/iPhone wake up alarm clock system.

There’s some mixed reviews on this product, but overall most customers seem to like it. A remote control is included. You can adjust the alarm volume to your own liking, wake up to your favorite iPod songs, radio, or a buzzer. You can also tune up to 20 different preset stations of your liking. What I love about this is that there’s an adjustable brightness control. So it uses both sound and light to help get one up.

Best iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

With over 200 reviews and a 4.2 rating, this could be the best radio alarm clock to buy on the market for iPhones and iPods. I think if you want the best, then you probably can’t do much better than the iHome iA9BZC App-Enhances 30-Pin. I love the size of the speaker docks. You’ll have no problem waking up with this iHome product.

Some of the features include wake or sleep to iPhone, iPod docking models, or custom playlist for AM or FM radio, sync button the clocks time to current iPhone time settings, dual alarm with weekday or weekend settings that allow you to set alarms for a full week, or for your work week.

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