Ranch Style Homes Front Porch Designs: Available Designs You can Choose

Ranch Style Homes Front Porch Designs

Being a traditional yet practical porch design, ranch style homes front porch designs have been one of the most sought home exterior design. Primarily because of the exquisite style it brings to a house. Furthermore, with ranch styles porch designs, you can mixed materials, concepts and designs to achieve you dream front porch. But what exactly are the designs available today? Knowing these styles would help you broaden your perspective to develop an innovative ranch style front porch design.

Characteristics of a ranch style house

In planning for your ranch style homes front porch designs, keep in mind that it should compliment or work with your home’s basic style. Thus, knowing the basic characteristic of ranch style house is imperative.

Basically, a ranch style house has a long side view with a low roofline. Typically, it is a one storey house with an L-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular structure. Materials commonly used are brick, wood or stucco. Being a simply house design, having a country style trim in both interior and exterior view adds to its sophisticated appeal. However, due to its simplicity, home owners prefer to add more aesthetic appeal in a form of a front porch.

Front porch designs

There are various designs available that you can combine to create your front porch designs. By combining these designs, you might come up with a distinct design perfect for your ranch style house.

  • Pergola – This type of porch designed is structured specifically for vine plants and other hanging plants. You can also use it as a roof, to bring out ecological and exquisite appeal.
  • Porch Pillars – This is a contemporary design for front porches. Basically, columns are made of various materials such as cement and wood. You can also choose from a variety of pillar designs such as Tuscan, Ionic and many more.
  • Portico – Inspired by architectural designs of Ancient Greece, a portico is small front porch design. It is best described as a passageway towards your front door that has supporting columns and a roof.
  • Screened – This type of porch design has screens such as vinyl screens in between its foundations. One benefit you can obtain with this type of design is protection from natural elements. This is also designed for the sole purpose of protecting yourselves from mosquitoes, flies and bugs.
  • Sunroom – This type of design is another contemporary style of front porch. It is designed like screened porches, where in it is like a closed compartment. The only difference is, sunrooms uses glass instead of screens.

Why opt for ranch style front porches?

The best advantage one can gain in building ranch style front porches is practicality in budget and in maintenance process. Furthermore, this front porch style is classic definition of simplicity and elegance. With slight accentuations, your houses’ value and appeal greatly increases. However, be reminded that in order to develop uniformity within the exterior view of your homes; always incorporate and assess its design with your current house theme and style. With that, you can use any of the ranch style homes front porch designs mentioned above to experiment designs and build your perfect ranch style dream homes.