Random Lay Carpet Tile

Random lay carpet tile is something that has caught on in recent years. If you are looking to find out how to install it, I will offer a basic overview. I have installed self-adhesive, peel and stick berber myself, and it’s actually quite easy to do. Plus, there are some really good reasons you may way to use this type of pattern for your flooring. In this article, I will run you through the basic DIY process, which can be done by even a novice, and give you some reasons you should consider installing random lay carpet tile in your home.

How to Install

Before you install random lay carpet tile for your new floor, you have some prep work you will need to take care of, to make sure the process goes very smoothly, when you lay peel and stick berber flooring. You can take some of the randomness out of the process and design a pattern to follow, if you choose.

First up, you need to make sure the subfloor is clean and free of dust. Simply sweeping is not enough. Since these squares are peel and stick, they need to fully adhere to the subfloor. Be sure to get a damp cloth out and pull up the dust and let it fully dry.

Next up, you need to snap some chalk lines, so when you lay random carpet tile, it stays straight and true. Find the center of the room in both directions. When you snap the line, the room will be split into four quadrants.

Choose one of the quadrants to start in. The first square you put down is the most important. Make sure you are aligned with the chalk lines perfectly on both sides. Follow the chalk line in one direction first, until you get to the first spot where you need a cut. Install the next row, butting up to your first row tightly.

Continue with the first quadrant until complete, without cutting the squares. When done, repeat the process for the remaining three quadrants.

To cut the random lay carpet tile, turn them upside down and lay them against the wall and over the top of the tiling you already adhered. Mark the size and cut. Doing it this way will allow you to match the factory edges, which will eliminate gaps from irregular cuts.


There are some good benefits to installing random lay carpet tile. Since you will be using multiple self-adhesive squares, you can shop the clearance racks, where there are generally only small quantities available. This saves a lot of money. In addition, you can get several different colors into your flooring, allowing it to match just about all of your home’s interior decorations. This will look nice and save money. Random lay carpet tile is very versatile and economical.