Rare Skylanders Giants

As the holiday shopping season rapidly approaches, kids all across the nation are thinking about one thing; toys. It would not, in fact, surprise me to learn that they are actually thinking about anything else.

As such, you can be sure that their parents are trying to determine what the hottest toys of the season will be.

If your household is anything like mine then your kids have been begging for you to find a few awesome rare Skylanders Giants. Don’t let their enthusiasm surprise you, the hottest figures are extremely difficult to find. There are, of course, a ton to choose from; both in single packs and triple packs.

With that in mind, here is a list of the hard to find Skylanders that are sure to please anyone that loves Skylanders.

Rare Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants Gnarly Tree Rex

Gnarly Tree Rex

While it is certainly true that Tree Rex is a rather common figure, the metallic blue Gnarly Tree Rex is extremely rare.

This elusive figure is available exclusively as part of the Wii Bundle pack. You would think that you could find it on online but it is even hard to find on eBay.

Skylanders Giants Glow in the Dark Fright Rider

Glow in the Dark Fright Rider

Perhaps the most collectible of all the Skylanders figures are the ones that glow in the dark. Besides being used as a crucial element of the game, they also look amazing when displayed on a shelf or in a curio cabinet.

Skylanders Giants Purple Lips Chill

Lightcore Chill

While most of the rare Skylanders Giants available were actually intentionally designed by Activision, the recently discovered purple/red lips Chill figure may be an actual error. It is my contention that this figure was supposed to come only with blue lips yet it was actually painted red or purple in error.

Skylanders Giants Hot Head

Hot Head

This figure is very similar to Wham Shell from Spyro’s Adventure. It was not intended to be rare yet it somehow developed into somewhat of a challenge for collectors to actually find in stores. We were lucky enough to find one last week but if you want one for your son or daughter this Christmas, I recommend that you act quickly!

As with most popular toys each season, you can be absolutely sure that many of these rare Skylanders Giants will sell out quickly.