Rat Rod Frames for Sale

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There are a lot of things people consider a waste of money and rat rod frames for sale would be one of them. If you go out to a restaurant instead of cooking at home, some people consider that a waste. If you buy an old rusted car in the hope of restoring it to its former glory, some people will say you’re wasting your time and energy. When it comes to hobbies, those who are not like-minded might find it very hard to understand the buzz. The same can be said for anyone interested in buying rat rod frames. Why would anyone want to buy an old car frame?

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It’s a Hobby

There are some passionate people who spend money and time on things the general public will not understand. The same can be said for those collecting stamps. If you don’t understand it, you will feel that it is boring and it is for those who have nothing better to do with their time. Rat rod cars or bikes have passionate group of followers. Only those who have been to any of their gatherings might begin to understand why anyone would want to buy rat rod frames.

Where to Buy

That said where can you get rat rod frames for sale? One of the best locations with pictures is the website oldride.com and hotrodgarage.net. You will see hot rods frames for sale for as little as a $1000. At times, you will be better off spending a little more to get something with an engine. Some of the rat rods frames for sale are from the 20s. This will definitely appeal to those who want something really out of the ordinary. Some sellers will offer to deliver but your location will determine if that will be possible. If you just want something that will give you a mixture of both old and new, there is no reason why you should buy your frame with an engine. You can buy the frame of a 1952 Buick Super and put in modern fittings. You will save thousands if you choose this option.

Remember Parts Availability

It is advised that you choose a rat rod frame drive train from manufacturers with parts. The most common drive trains that rat rod enthusiasts invest in are the V8 Chrysler engines. You might want to make sure the rat rod frames for sale comes with such drive train. That will save you time and money because you don’t have to buy the frame separately and have to deal with the towing cost.

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