Raw and Superfoods from the Sea

Our sea contains a vaste majority of sea vegetables, plants, and life that’s not known to many people. The superfoods from the sea is something scientists are just beginning to discover, and understand that us human can use them to our advantage. With majority of life among us living in the sea, and freshwater among, way larger than on land, it only makes sense we see why there’s such a vasty majority of life in our waters. The truth is that fish, and mammals of our salt water oceans and freshwater lakes are surviving on these superfoods that provide life among all of us.  

This article will shed light on some of the raw foods and superfoods from the sea, and how you can benefit greatly from eating these foods every single day. You’ll be astounded by the health benefits, and nutrition that can be gain by eating these raw superfoods on a daily basis.


Spirulina is a blue and green algae found in the water of lakes and ponds. Most of us are quite familiar with algae, but its part of the plant food base found in freshwater. Spirulina is a plant, but it needs to be grown in the water. It’s known as a raw superfood because it contains a high amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are all essential for human and animal life. Spirulina is one of the oldest forms of plants on our Earth. It helps to produce oxygen which one of us can survive without.

Spirulina as a dietary supplement can help in removing harmful toxins in the body. It can help boost the immune system, and help prevent diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney, and liver disease. Up to 62% of amino acids are made up of spirulina.


Kelp sorta looks like a tree, but its part of the raw food base made up in the sea. Kelp is a combination of marine algea, and seaweed. It’s brown in its appearance. Now you must be thinking to yourself, why would I want to digest seaweed. Well, this is seaweed plant contains a lot of nutrition that can greatly benefit our health like never before. Kelp is sea vegetable that’s extremely rich in nutrition.

One of the pure benefits of digesting kelp is for thyroid conditions. Kelp contains an extremely high amount of iodine. Iodine is very important in our health for variety of reasons. Iodine is required for a normal metabolism for cells, that will in return convert into energy. Kelp is by far the richest seafood containing iodine. Those with a history of thyroid conditions might consider kelp. But first talk to your doctor if you have a long history of thyroid disorders, and if you’re on prescribed medications.


Marine Phytoplankton

Last but definitely not least we have Marine Phytoplankton. By far the most superior seafood, and superfood on our planet. What makes Marine Phytoplankton so unique? How about that it single handily provides life for the entire sea! That’s right. One way or another the entire life of the sea is generated by Marine Phytoplankton, and every single sea animal and mammal would die if it suddenly disappeared.

Even sharks require plankton What do you think fish eat? Marine Phytoplankton. In fact, did you know that fish themselves contain no omega-3 fats. The omega-3 fats they obtain is from digesting Marine Phytoplankton. The amount of omega-3 fats in Marine Phytoplanton is significantly greater than what you’ll find in fish and salmon.

Not a single living creature could survive without plankton, including humans. Why? Over 70% of the worlds oxygen comes from plankton. It’s been recently discovered that every single vitamin, mineral, and amino acid needed for survival can be found in Marine Phytoplankton.

Whales have lived up to 150 years eating nothing but this plant. It’s been proclaim the miracle food among us, and we as humans can digest it, and benefit an entirely new outlook on our health. I personally take Marine Phytoplankton every single day, and have a renewed energy in life.