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Raw Veganism 101


What is raw veganism?Raw Veganism 101

Raw veganism is a diet that combines the most basic principles from a vegan diet and a raw food diet–hence the name raw veganism.

What do people on a raw vegan diet eat?

People on raw vegan diets follow the principles of a vegan diet and a raw food diet. A vegan diet excludes animal foods and animal by-products, which include meats, animal dairy, and eggs. A raw food diet excludes any food which is cooked at a temperature above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, a raw vegan diet will consist of raw vegan foods–or vegan foods which are not cooked, again, at a temperature above 118 degrees. A typical raw vegan diet will be heavy in foods such as raw vegetables, raw nuts, raw nut products–such as nut pastes, raw fruits, raw seeds and herbs, as well as fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetable juices.

Sometimes, people may identify themselves as following a raw vegan diet even if they do not follow a 100% raw vegan diet. For example, their diet may be about 90% raw vegan with the remaining 10% following a vegan diet or a raw diet. However, people who are on a strict raw vegan diet will only consume food which fits the raw veganism criteria.

Why do people follow raw vegan diets?

There are many reasons that someone might choose to follow a raw vegan diet. These reasons include ethical issues which are related to the personal morality of eating meat and animal products; health reasons which are related to processed foods and fatty meats; spiritual reasons, such as desiring to become closer to nature through eating raw fruits and vegetables; environment reasons, such as those related to consuming a more “green” and earth friendly diet–and more. Some people may choose a raw vegan die or one, or even more than one, of these reasons.

Raw Veganism 101
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