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Razer Naga Molten Core

The Razer Naga in the Molten Special Edition is specially designed for online role-playing gamers mouse, brings a myriad of keys for a variety of commands. Our colleagues at CNET Australia had the opportunity to find out whether these keys can all use them at all – or whether this is only ever even get in the way.

The Razer Naga in the Molten Special Edition is the manufacturer with a list price of 79.99 € is performed, the German market, but already available at prices from 59 €. The wired mouse is the optically souped-up version of the normal Razer Naga and the little sister of wireless Razer Naga Epic, which we already have tested this summer .

Design and Equipment

From the pictures her man would actually think that the Razer Naga feels quite uncomfortable – but surprisingly, the opposite is the case. However, if there someone with a sufficiently articulated thumb is to use all of the buttons on the left side accurately, quickly and without looking, can we really were surprised. But ultimately, this button for the macro-freaks among us thought and will definitely find its fans.

By default, the assignment of the mini-keys corresponding to this field, the arrangement of the row of numbers on the keyboard: The numbers correspond one to nine call the corresponding keyboard keys and the keys 10, 11, and 12 stand for zero, sharp ‘S’ and accent. If one is a DIP switch on the bottom of the mouse activates the Naga virtually the Shift key – and the emphasis turns to for example.

But since we’re talking about a Razer mouse, you can do these twelve keys – occupy completely free – and the ‘normal’ mouse buttons. One then uses the Shift key, the players are twice as many booking options available.

Das Tastenfeld ist zwar grundsätzlich praktisch, braucht aber erst einmal Eingewöhnungszeit.
The keypad is basically practical, but first needs time to adapt.

It is given the huge number of buttons and layout options thus hardly surprising that the Naga should appeal to World of Warcaft players. Although we would probably rather use a dedicated keypad, but also know, two WoW players who simply love her naga and they would exchange it for nothing in the world.

Aside from the funky keypad, the two normal mouse buttons and mouse wheel, the Naga still has two more buttons that are positioned above and left as default browser on – act and Back buttons. They are not really well off, and shape and curvature of the mouse makes it difficult to serve them quickly and accurately. In plain language this means that we are living once again with unwanted clicks the left mouse button must if you want to use these two buttons active.

The tested here Molten Special Edition version of the Razer Naga looks in the promotional photos damn cool and seems to be a LED illumination of mixed red and orange tones have to be reminiscent of real lava. However, this is a complete misrepresentation: The Molten Special Edition certainly looks cool, but the color of the illumination is a uniform red and not a mixture of colors. It also illuminated Razer logo pulses as other Razer models used, and also the edges of the scroll wheel and the side buttons are illuminated field.

The usual settings are of course also available. In addition to the aforementioned individual usability of the keys, for example, a separate sensitivity setting of X-/Y-axis is possible. You can adjust the acceleration and USB polling rate and has a profile and macro management.

The macro function is excellent and allows for the customization of individual events, the insertion of delays or the inclusion of mouse events. You can even adjust the playback mode. This ranges from a single execution of the macro a specific number of repetitions to the endless repetition, while the corresponding button is pressed, or a locking function for the endless repetition. Regarding such a sophisticated macro functions to other gaming mice can cut a thick slice.

However, there is a small bug. Because no matter which macro to assign a specific key: You must ensure that this macro a second time is selected as the software tends to use the default assignment for the question of what should be the repeat options.

But even the macro-management of the Razer Naga is not perfect yet. Example, one can not add additional keystrokes or expand a macro to a selected point by another shot. Also the opportunity to integrate so-called ‘Nested Macros’ – that is, within macro of macros that are invoked only after the execution of the ‘outer’ macro – was not used in the Naga.

One day there will probably times a manufacturer that opens the gates to the macro-sky and all of us to make inmates happy – but that day has not come yet.


Although it is designed as an MMO mouse is advertised accordingly, the Naga is also very good shooter and proves in Serious Sam, that they bring over the good old typical Razer feeling.


The Razer Naga in the Molten Special Edition is not quite as pretty as the promotional pictures, but it looks still good. But most importantly, it offers an enormous amount of space for the execution of keyboard shortcuts and macros, and is also still well in hand.

So if you like playing MMOs, can dispense with a wireless model á la Razer Naga Epic and looking for an unusual-looking mouse with high comfort and an incredible variety of assignments will hardly find a better mouse as the Razer Naga.

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