Razor Bumps on the Legs

Razor bumps on the legs are very common in girls who are not using their razors properly. Improper shaving can definitely lead to the formation of unwanted small bumps on your skin. For you to be able to effectively eliminate such bumps, you should follow several tips on how to get rid of razor bumps. BY doing so, you can bring back the smoothness of the skin on your legs and try those shorts, skirts and dresses that you have been always wanting to wear.

Use Clean Razors
First of all, you have to make sure that you use clean razors every time you attempt to shave those extra hairs. Bacteria can accumulate on the blades of unclean razors and can definitely get through the pores of your skin during shaving. When that happens, you are actually increasing the chance of having infection. Infection can lead to different skin problems and worse, it can lead to development of scars. If you want those legs to remain smooth and scar-free, you should definitely use clean razors at all times.

Shave Following the Hair Growth Direction
Most of the people actually just shave the way they want to without realizing that it is definitely important to shave the hair following its hair growth. Shaving against the hair growth direction can definitely cause the forced pulling of hair from the skin. Because of that, skin irritation is more likely to develop. Once there is irritation, chances are, the growth of the new hair can go to the wrong direction. Because of this, the new growth can curl back thus leading to the formation of razor bumps. You should never pull the hairs on your legs forcibly and you can best do such by shaving in the direction of the hair growth.

Use A Shaving Gel or Cream
You should never attempt to shave your leg hairs without using any gel or cream. Shaving while the area is dry can definitely cause skin irritation leading to razor bumps and some may even directly cause cuts and other types of wounds. Before shaving, you should apply the cream or gel over your legs first. This will facilitate smooth and easy hair removal from the skin surface.

Shave at The Right Time
You should remember that shaving from time to time can definitely cause damage and irritation to your skin. You first have to make sure that you allow small hair growths to appear before you start shaving. If you shave over existing razor bumps, you can tear such open, making them greatly exposed to bacteria. By doing so, you can make your skin more predisposed to infection. Just allow a few days waiting period before you shave once again so that you can keep your legs smooth and free of scars.
These are some of the best ways for you to be able to prevent and get rid of razor bumps on the legs.